MSU Denver is committed to the search for and dissemination of knowledge through open inquiry. MSU Denver’s civic mission is to educate students to take their part in civic life and maintain the institutions of our pluralistic democracy. Free expression and academic freedom are indispensable to fulfilling these academic and civic missions.

Read MSU Denver’s full statement on free expression and inquiry and learn more about the free speech leadership of the University and President Janine Davidson below.

Bipartisan leaders and dialogue experts discuss freedom of speech and democracy

President Davidson joins Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser, a Democrat; former Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams, a Republican; Katia Campbell, Ph.D., professor and chair of Communication Studies; and MSU Denver General Counsel David Fine in a conversation titled “Free Speech and the Art of Democracy.”

Collaborating with the Bipartisan Policy Center

MSU Denver has been collaborating with the Bipartisan Policy Center on its Campus Free Expression project. General Counsel David Fine has participated in Executive Symposia on: “Institutional Speech and the Collegiate Mission” and “Discourse Across Difference: Harmonizing Free Expression, Academic Freedom, and DEI,” and “Executive Leadership on Campus Free Expression.”

Fine was also a panelist on a BPC-sponsored Webinar, “From Banned Books to Democratic Disagreement:  Courses on Free Expression”.

Aerial view of the JSSB lawn and One World One Water sculpture

"At MSU Denver, the president won’t protect you from what you don’t want to hear"

President Davidson discusses free expression on college campuses with the Denver Post.

President's message on free expression and inquiry

Dear Members of the MSU Denver Community:

I strongly believe that free expression and inquiry, which should flourish at universities, are key to maintaining a healthy civic society, and indeed our diverse democratic republic. Read Davidson’s full message.

Davidson teaches "Freedom of Speech" class

President Davidson and General Counsel David Fine teach “Freedom of Speech,” a communications class exploring the philosophical and legal origins of freedom of speech in America, and its role in preserving a functioning democracy. The class delves into provocative and controversial topics and considers the necessity of discussing contentious issues civilly in an increasingly polarized society that is more and more reliant on social media.

The Freedom of Hate Speech; a Call for Civil Dialogue

MSU Denver Professor Katia Campbell presents at TEDxMSUDenver about the need to understand our responsibilities when it comes to free speech and the consequences of unfettered hate speech in our culture.