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Board of Colorado Concern Davidson

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many economic challenges for higher education, but those challenges have also opened the door for some unique budget opportunities thanks to an infusion of one-time federal funding meant to help universities recover from the pandemic and continue to meet students’ needs.

Between three federal acts passed in 2020-21 and the one-time funds in MSU Denver’s General Fund, the University is allocating a total of $76.5 million in one-time spending to projects and initiatives not covered by our base budget. These investments form the foundation of MSU Denver’s “recover, stabilize, build” philosophy as the University emerges from the pandemic and resumes implementation of the Strategic Plan 2030.

Below is an overview of president’s budget priorities and a synopsis of the one-time spending in the 2021-22 budget, decisions that were made with input from leaders all over campus.

President's Budget Priorities