May 3, 2024

Dear Roadrunners, 

Earlier today, executive leaders of Auraria Campus institutions again met with student leaders of the ongoing protest and encampment on the Tivoli Quad. Our goal was to continue with open and honest dialogue that can put us on a peaceful path forward.

The conversation was civil and productive, and everyone involved had an opportunity to be heard. Those representing protestors were open to removing their encampment but only after Auraria institutions meet certain conditions.

In the spirit of transparency, MSU Denver has agreed to their request to provide financial information related to the University’s investments and industry relationships. I also agreed to broker a meeting between demonstration leaders and the University’s Board of Trustees. 

As I’ve mentioned previously in addressing protesters’ demands, MSU Denver and its foundation endowment have no significant investments in companies legally based in Israel. And we don’t directly operate study abroad programs to Israel, however some students opt to pursue opportunities through third parties. 

I’m optimistic that, based on today’s productive conversation as well as earlier meetings, we can find common ground. 

We will continue to foster open channels of communication, including campus dialogue sessions on the complex set of issues surrounding the demonstration. If you’re interested in participating, please complete this form

And as this dialogue continues, know that normal operations are continuing at MSU Denver, which is buzzing with end-of-the semester activity and excitement. 

We will continue to provide updates on our campus-demonstration webpage, where you’ll find situational updates, frequently asked questions, links to resources and more. 



Janine Davidson, Ph.D. 

President, MSU Denver 

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