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President’s Advisory Councils

The purpose of the advisory councils is to create a structure in which people from every corner of campus can work together to address issues of critical importance to MSU Denver. They are intended to provide an inclusive forum to bring forward the best ideas for making our University more effective and successful in achieving its goals.

All University community members are encouraged to participate in these councils. Contact one of the leads below for more information.


Academic Excellence and Student Success - Focus on Student Retention


Sean Petranovich, Ph.D., lead data scientist, Business Intelligence

Kristy Lyons, Ph.D., assistant professor, Department of Psychology

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Built Environment and Infrastructure - Focus on enhancing the built environment


Amy Kern, assistant professor, Department of Industrial Design

Jeno Balough, Department of Engineering and Engineering Technology


Culture and Workplace - Focus on contributing to a culture that enhances the workplace


Bill Carnes, D.M., professor, Department of Management

John Kietzmann, associate director of athletics for marketing and promotions/external relations

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