Jan. 25, 2022

Dear Roadrunners,

Janine DavidsonWelcome to a new year and a new semester at Metropolitan State University of Denver! I am thrilled to see so many faculty members, staff members and students back on campus, especially in light of the challenges of this past year and some of the ongoing stresses of Covid-19. This speaks to the dedication to our mission that defines the Roadrunner spirit. It’s what attracted me here five years ago and why I am still so proud to serve as your president today.

For the students who have continued your education through a pandemic, navigating ever-shifting public-health protocols and new technologies, you are the reason we are all here. You inspire the rest of us to make MSU Denver the best place it can be – a university where students from all backgrounds have a chance to succeed and become the next generation of leaders in our state and our world. I encourage you to take advantage of the many fabulous resources we offer students and to read the weekly ’Runner student newsletter to stay in the know throughout the semester.

To our faculty and staff: You are our most valuable resource, and I want to commend you for all of your effort and sacrifices in the name of providing an innovative and transformative educational experience for our students. You have done this while facing your own individual challenges presented by the pandemic, and your hard work in the face of these hardships has not gone unnoticed. You have proved that we are so much stronger when we are supporting one another and working together to face real challenges.

Despite these successes, I want to acknowledge the continuing stressors our community is still experiencing. On top of the fears and frustrations associated with the pandemic, including juggling child care and caring for sick family and friends, many of us are anxious about greater societal and global issues such as climate change, political polarization and racial inequality. As we start this new year, I’d like to suggest that the University be seen as a resource and a source of strength amid these challenges.

There are mental-health resources available for studentsfaculty and staff on campus and via employee health-benefits plans. In addition to formal counseling, reengaging in person with your many compassionate and caring colleagues who share a sense of purpose in their work and their lives can be incredibly uplifting and centering.

MSU Denver health professionals have stayed on top of the latest data and research to inform Covid protocols and personal decision-making. Meanwhile, MSU Denver experts and guest speakers continue to hold lectures and discussions to help make sense of the most difficult issues of our day. In short, your campus community is here for you, and your engagement in turn helps others.

In that spirit, there will be many exciting opportunities to engage with your fellow Roadrunners on campus, and I hope to see you at some of these events this semester:

  • President’s Fireside Chat with Rep. Leslie Herod (Feb. 1) | RSVP
  • MSU Denver Virtual Advocacy Day (Feb. 10) | RSVP
  • 33rd Annual Bridge Speaker Patrisse Cullors (Feb. 24) | More info
  • Rachel B. Noel Distinguished Visiting Professor Calvin Mackie (March 8-9) | More info
  • Book talk with foreign-policy expert Fiona Hill, Ph.D. (March 16)
  • Spring Job and Internship Fair (April 5)
  • Spring Update (April 6)
  • Spring Commencement (May 13)

Thank you all again for making MSU Denver such a special place with a strong, positive impact on our community. I wish you all a safe, healthy and productive spring 2022 semester!


Janine Davidson, Ph.D.