Claire Alfus, M.A. | Assistant Director of Student Services


After working in both the higher education and social work fields for over 10 years, Claire combined her interests and joined the Department of Social Work at MSU Denver as an academic advisor for the MSW Program. Originally from Chicago, she received her BS in Communication Studies from Ball State University and her MA in Counseling Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Claire enjoys the collaborative spirit and welcoming energy of MSU Denver’s Auraria Campus, where students bring their rich histories and lived experiences into a shared space. Off campus, Claire runs an urban farm with her partner and is a dog mom to her epic Corgi mix, Dylan.

Advising Philosophy & Approach to Advising

Claire understands that MSU Denver students have full lives and rich identities – with this in mind, she strives to create an advising space that is accessible, welcoming, and individualized. Claire seeks to ensure that students know all of their options as they navigate the MSW Program, empowering them to make the best educational choices for their unique circumstances. She believes that building relationships and trust with those she advises sets a strong foundation for walking through the program together – no matter how smooth or bumpy the road may be. Advising with warmth, curiosity, and a sense of humor, Claire hopes that students leave their time with her feeling seen and respected.  

Susan A. Archuleta | Grants Community Liaison

Lara Bruce, MSW | Project Director, Colorado Child Welfare Scholars Consortium (CCWSC)

Key Areas of Focus

Lara is the Director of the Colorado Child Welfare Scholars Consortium (CCWSC). In this capacity, she is responsible for the statewide implementation of this Title IV-E program, providing support to state, county, and university partners as well as child welfare scholars. Lara is the co-chair of the statewide CCWSC committee that is responsible for program administration, research and evaluation efforts and sustainable growth. Ms. Bruce is also a Qualified Administrator for the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) and has supported the implementation of the IDI and corresponding learning exchanges with child welfare scholars for the last several years. Lara is also an At-Large Staff Senator and a member of the Staff Senate Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (JEDI).


Lara was born and raised in upstate New York and received her bachelor’s degree in social work from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Plattsburgh. She moved to Colorado in 2006 to attend the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver, where she received her MSW, concentrating in community practice. Her previous work experience includes working with non-profit and government agencies on organizational development and capacity building, including curriculum development, training, and coaching on a variety of topics. Her additional experience includes work in the areas of implementation science, fatherhood in child welfare, information and knowledge dissemination, adventure-based counseling, therapeutic foster care, early childhood education and working with individuals with physical and developmental disabilities. She is also an advisory board member for the Center for Immigration and Child Welfare (CICW).

Amanda Campbell, MSW, LCSW | Assistant Director of Field Education

Areas of Research and/or Practice

Amanda is interested in work with under-served communities and promoting access to educational opportunities. She has a passion for field education within social work programs.


Amanda Campbell, MSW, LCSW earned both her BA in Psychology and MSW from the University of Denver.  Over the course of her career, she has worked in many settings including in residential treatment with adolescent girls, as a clinical vocational counselor for adults with disabilities and spent many years in the youth development space as a counselor/case manager, volunteer recruiter and program director for Denver Urban Scholars. She also worked as a social worker at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. A consistent theme throughout her career has been advocating for access to services for underserved populations.

Amanda came to MSU Denver in 2013 and has served in multiple roles including affiliate Faculty Field Liaison, Clinical Field Faculty and currently, Assistant Director of Field Education – Placement Development and Support. Amanda is passionate about supporting social workers in their educational journeys and professional development. In addition to helping students navigate the field education program, she provides supervision to social work interns and social workers seeking licensure in the state of Colorado.

Outside of work, you will find her pounding the pavement in training for her next running race, exploring the mountains with her husband and two kids.

Rebecca Cottrell, Ph.D. | Social Work Online and Hybrid Development Analyst

Elizabeth De La Rosa, M.A. | Undergraduate Advising Services Coordinator


Elizabeth De La Rosa is a First-Generation, Immigrant, Latina who grew up in Five Points Denver and graduated from North High School set off to embark on her college journey at the University of Denver. She received BS degrees in Spanish, Sociology, and Communications. She then returned to her community and worked for Mi Casa Neighborhood Resource Center at North High School as the Post-Secondary Success Coordinator and Family Liaison. She received her master’s degree from the Morgridge College of Education in Higher Education Administration with an emphasis in student affairs.  She has over 7 years of experience in the education field and before MSU Denver, she worked at the University of Denver for the department of Access and Transitions.  Her mission is to “give back, encourage diversity, inclusiveness, student retention, and most importantly equity”. She describes herself as hardworking but easy going and fun. Outside of work she enjoys time with family, engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking and snowboarding or simply listening to good music. 

Advising Philosophy

My philosophy is to nurture, empower, support, and prepare future generations to strive for higher education to achieve both economic and professional success. To identify and eliminate barriers and increase accessibility, promote holistic student support and thereby enhance the student experience and ultimately close the educational gap.  

It is crucial to my advising philosophy to understand and value the funds of knowledge of students, their diverse perspectives, and experiences, and allow/empower the students to be authentic to themselves. I will strive to ease transitions. I am aware that students have many intersectional identities and responsibilities, therefore, I must understand that life outside of school happens and there will be times where flexibility will be crucial to students’ academic success. In addition, I also believe that when students are given the right tools and support, they can succeed in college. I will seek to develop competence, autonomy and empower the student’s sense of advocacy and self-authorship by challenging and supporting the student appropriately. I will provide the student with all information and options available based on policies in place and will encourage reflection and discussion so that students can make their own educated choices. 

Approach to Advising

To provide a safe and equitable advising environment, I will be embracing new perspectives and will check my assumptions and preconceived notions at the door. My hope is to cultivate a collaborative relationship with each of my students  

As an advisor, I am here to provide students with the tools and support necessary to get them to graduation. I take a proactive approach by establishing a trusting relationship where students feel safe to be their authentic self and feel free to express their needs. I believe that for students to focus and be successful in their education their most basic needs need to be met. Once these are met as a team we can focus on the retention and engagement of the student. Providing students with the relevant information for them to make educated decision-making, personal and vocational SMART goals about their education.  Promoting/teaching self-advocacy, and facilitating reflection will empower students to take ownership of their education. 

Bridget Douglas, B.S. | Accounting Assistant


Bridget Douglas (she/her) moved to Colorado in 2017 from Richmond, Virginia where she grew up, and enjoys the blend of nature and city life that Denver has to offer. Bridget has a Bachelor of Science in Advertising from Virginia Commonwealth University. She has experience across many different vocations: Journalism, Hospitality, Customer Service, HR, and Office Management, across different industries including Healthcare and Climate-Change Technology. Most recently, she has dived into the Accounting world with two years of Accounts Payable experience. She comes to the MSU Denver Social Work Dept as Accounting Assistant, hoping to both grow her skills and help in the success and growth of the department.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her fiancé and her adorable Bassett-hound, Poogie.

Jocelyn Galindo | Student Services Manager


Jocelyn is excited to be joining the OSWSS team. She enjoys working with the students and being able to guide them through their journey of college education. She has over 12 years’ experience working in Higher Education and has been with MSU Denver for the last five years. Jocelyn is a First-Generation college graduate. She received her bachelor’s degree in Communications and Journalism from the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara in Mexico. When she is not working, Jocelyn enjoys spending time with her family watching movies, sports, taking family vacations and cuddling with her dog. 

Advising Philosophy & Approach to Advising

Coming soon!

Melissa Grogan Gore, M.A. | Associate Director of Operations and Finance

Melissa brings an extensive background in nonprofit and community development and higher education to her role in the Department of Social Work. She thrives supporting the infrastructure of a robust organization with the opportunity to collaborate with and support a huge variety of administrators and faculty members. In addition to being a multitasker at work, she co-chairs a chaotic and beautiful family of 9 at home, including three undergraduate students at MSU Denver. Melissa is most at home on road trips to see our amazing national

Krystal Gutierrez, MSW | Program Manager of Field Education

Teiriana Ibarra | Event Planning Specialist

Ernie Navarette | Academic Advisor and Retention Support Specialist


Ernie is a US Navy Veteran, First-Generation college student and earned his associates degree from Red Rocks Community College.  He went on to receive his bachelors degree (B.A.S) in communications and Leadership from Regis University. He has worked previously at Red Rocks, Regis University and Community College of Aurora with over 12 years of experience. Recently, he was also fortunate to have recently lived abroad in London, UK for two years. 

He has a great passion for helping students pursue their educational dreams, goals and aspirations as well as assisting them achieve all they can be. He thrives being part of a dynamic team in such a dynamic setting. He loves family time, golfing, sporting events; Go Broncos!  He also is a part-time musician as a drummer in his band. 

Advising Philosophy

To be the emphatic ear most students seek when pursuing their education. Provide the insight I have gained throughout my educational journey to provide confidence, insight, empowerment, information and compassion to the students I advise. To consider the holistic path the student is venturing on and to help them see beyond the immediate future and to bolster confidence that they can go beyond and aspire to achieve whatever they want to achieve. 

As an academic advisor, I want to ensure I am aware of and aligned with the core values of the institution and utilize them as I advise and guide students.  To be integrated with and to be an academic pillar of Respect, Collaboration, Quality, Access, Diversity and Inclusion. Embrace and exhibit Inclusive Excellence. 

Be effective in establishing and maintaining non-judgmental relationships and to ensure I meet the needs of the student.  Set an environment for the student to feel comfortable to share their stories, ask their questions and engage in self-discovery. Ask reflecting and probing questions and challenge the student to reflect and develop an attitude of confidence and self-awareness.  Challenge the students to take some risks, follow their passions and set realistic goals of attainment.  

Approach to Advising

Establish a mutually respectful relationship by being personable, genuine and knowledgeable. Provide them with the information, tools, and support to make them feel confident and supported. Be emphatic and provide the student with the opportunity to be vulnerable and reassure them they are in a safe space. To be faithful and consistent in demonstrating care and be the anchor they may need to move beyond a personal situation or overcome a barrier to their education. To be non-judgmental and treat everyone with dignity and respect and provide the ability to show unconditional and positive regard. 

Stevie Noll, MSW | Assistant Director of Field Education


Stevie Noll is a community social worker with a background in anti-oppressive practice, trauma-informed care, and restorative practice. Her experience includes education, direct service, community organizing, and policy advocacy.  One of Stevie’s core belief is that relationships are the building block for all change – whether that is individual, interpersonal, or social change. She uses an intersectional approach to understanding identity development, and she is committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in social work education and practice.

Prior to becoming a social worker, Stevie taught Language Arts in a public high school in Milwaukee, WI and worked at CU-Boulder supporting first generation, low-income undergraduate students.  After getting her MSW at the University of Denver, Stevie worked at Mi Casa Resource Center and the Center for Work Education and Employment (CWEE) supporting parents surviving poverty.  She is actively involved in the All Families Deserve a Chance coalition and volunteers in the immigrant rights movement.  Stevie has lived and traveled in Central and South America and speaks conversational Spanish.

Outside of work, Stevie loves to garden, hike and camp in the mountains, bike around town, enjoy live music and theater, blend herbal teas, support local small businesses, get crafty, sing karaoke, and participate in democracy.

Caitlin Plamp, M.S. | Assistant Director of Admissions, Strategic Enrollment, & Data Management

Social Work DEI Committee Role

Neurodiverse & Disabled Student Affinity Group Facilitator

Caitlin Plamp (she/her) has a long held passion for social justice and finding ways to make the world a better, more accessible place. As a life long learner, she was drawn to working in higher education administration to help reduce barriers and make continued education accessible to those who want to pursue it while also recognizing that higher education is not the right path for everyone. Caitlin is particularly drawn to DEI work surrounding proactive accessibility, neurodivergence, and dis/ability as well as how these areas factor into intersectional identities.


Caitlin Plamp (she/her) is an alumna of MSU Denver, graduating with a B.A. in Promotional Strategy Design. She also holds an M.S. in Higher Education Administration from Southern New Hampshire University. Caitlin got her start in the Department as a student worker during her undergraduate degree and developed a passion for higher education and supporting faculty, staff, and students. As a lifelong learner, she is delighted to be working in higher education helping others reach their educational goals. Working full-time in the Department since fall 2016, Caitlin is the first to hold both her current and previous positions on the OSWSS-OF team. In her current role she develops systems and processes that support equitable admissions to both the undergraduate and graduate programs. Caitlin also uses her previous design experience to develop strategic marketing and recruiting initiatives to support departmental and University goals. Grounding her work in responsible use of data, she participates in predictive analytic enrollment planning and facilitates admissions initiatives that are tied to strategic goals. In her free time, Caitlin enjoys reading, participating in and attending live theatre, and playing tabletop games with family and friends.

Monica Simpson | Office Administrator, Office of Field Education


Monica Simpson (she/her/hers) is a proud alumna of Metropolitan State University of Denver. Having returned to complete her degree later in life as a first-generation student, Monica has true affection for the individuals and diversity found within the Roadrunner student body. She strives for meaningful connection with those she meets and serves in her role, though she also takes delight in spreadsheets and color-coordinated notes. Monica has a special interest in how the totality of the human experience blends to shape us into who we are and how we move through the world. When not working to support students, she enjoys being a mom and grandma, reading, sunshine, creating, listening to music too loudly, and laughing  – sometimes even when it’s appropriate.

Rae Wiegand | Administrative Operations & Program Coordinator


Rae Wiegand moved to Colorado in 2021 from Boston and her home in New England where she grew up on the beachy shores of Cape Cod. Rae attended Berklee College of Music for Music Business and Vocal performance, but her true passion was working hands-on in healthcare administration. She worked with the Department of Neuroscience at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center In Boston, MA under guidance from several Boston top doctors. Here she accepted the role of Neurology Clerkship Coordinator for Tufts Medical School, and Boston University, working alongside the academic team supporting 3rd/4th year medical students, Physician Assistants, and Residents. During this time, Rae was able to develop tools to guide students to success and confidence in both inpatient and outpatient services as they graduated from Higher Education. Upon moving to Denver, Rae transferred into the Mental Health field to work in Medication management with over 10 years of customer service experience, and patient access avocation.

When Rae isn’t busy reading books on how the brain works, spending hours in her kitchen cooking, traveling to different continents, or getting lost at the Sunday farmers market, she is an avid Mental Health Activist & voice for Jewish visibility. Both causes are near and dear to her heart. Rae encourages growth and development, and makes sure she can offer a safe, understanding environment to not only herself, but those around her.