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Not sure what a waiver or an appeal is or how refunds work? Or maybe have no idea where to start even though you have step one? Look no further. The Student Toolkit helps you navigate our academic dates and deadlines in a way that makes sense to you by offering quick, easy to understand messages which breaks down complicated University language.

This one-stop toolkit provides a quick overview of important messages that you will see in your Canvas announcements and a section that explains in more detail what these messages mean by providing real world examples. We provide an easy-to-understand office directory – know who to go to for what, quick contact information and additional resources, documents or webpages you may need along your MSU Denver journey.

Click the buttons next to the “Stay Up to Date” messages to be directed to more information and then keep scrolling.

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Rowdy Explains It All

Rowdy on campus

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Rowdy thinks you still might have some questions. Let him explain what some of these items mean in more detail and provide real world examples to help you better understand.

Understanding Dates and Deadlines

Office and Communications Directory

Or who do I go to for what?

We’ve been doing this for so long that sometimes we assume you know where to go or who to contact for help. This Office and Communications Directory provides descriptions of important offices and messaging you might receive during your time at MSU Denver.

Learn more about offices including who they are, why you should pay attention to their messages, level of importance (1 – extremely important, 2 – very important, 3 – fairly important, 4- slightly important), what they can help you with and how you can reach them. And some communications methods we use that you should pay attention to as well.

Office Listing

Quick Contact Information

Admissions Related

Two students smiling and walking on campus

For application, official transcripts, campus visits, tuition classification questions

Contact the Admissions Office Team

[email protected] 303-556-3058 Admissions Office Website
Two students sitting in the grass studying

For general transfer questions

Contact the Admissions Office, Transfer Team

[email protected] 303-556-3774 Admissions Office Transfer Toolbox Website
A group of student athletes smiling and clapping at a rally

For orientation questions including logging in or signing up

Contact the Orientation Team

[email protected] 303-615-0770 Orientation Website
A teacher pointing at a piece of paper talking to two students

For Math and English placement tests

Contact the Office of Testing Services

303-615-1700 Office of Testing Services Website

Office of the Registrar

A student sitting at a table looking at a laptop

For registration guidance, holds, selective service holds, COF Waiver

Contact the Office of the Registrar, Records and Registration Team

[email protected] 303-556-3991 Office of the Registrar Website
Jordan Student Success Building

For transfer evaluation questions and status, transfer course appeal

Contact the Office of the Registrar, Transfer Team

[email protected] 303-556-3774 Office of the Registrar Transfer Website
Students walking on campus during a fair

For credit for Prior Learning inquiries

Contact Brandy Schooler, Assistant Registrar, Transfer Evaluation & Prior Learning Specialist

[email protected] 303-605-5574 Office of the Registrar Prior Learning Website
A MSU Denver Graduate

For graduation and commencement

Contact the Office of the Registrar, Graduation Team

[email protected] 303-556-3774 Office of the Registrar Graduation Evaluation Website

New and Continuing Student Resources

Four students walking on the lawn in front of the Jordan Student Success Building

For tuition payment, balance due, Perkins loans, collection holds, payment plans

Contact the Office of the Bursar

[email protected] 303-615-0070 Office of the Bursar Website
MSU Denver sign

For Financial Aid questions including scholarships, work-study loans, grants

Contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

[email protected] 303-556-8593 Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships Website
One medical student looks at a book, while two other students look at her smiling

For immunization hold, health insurance waiver and requirement

Contact the Health Center at Auraria

303-615-9999 Health Center at Auraria Website
A student looking down taking notes during class

For classroom accommodations and support

Contact the Access Center

[email protected] 303-615-0200 Access Center Website
Two students talking during class

For academic advising

Visit the Advisor Directory

MSU Denver Advisor Directory
Three students talking outside drinking coffee

For help with personal or life challenges including anxiety, depression

Contact the Counseling Center

303-615-9988 Counseling Center Website
Skyline of Denver

For housing issues, food insecurity, conduct issues, Title IX, discrimination

Contact the CARE Team

303-615-0220 CARE Team Website
A student taking to a person talking to a recruiter at a table

For personalized and professional career development and planning

Contact the Classroom to Career (C2) Hub

[email protected] 303-615-1333 Classroom to Career Hub Website
A student sitting in a library working on a laptop

For technical issues including log-in, MSU Denver accounts, troubleshooting

Contact Information Technology Services

303-352-7548 Information Technology Services Website

Additional Resources

These additional resources, documents or webpages serve as items you will most likely visit or need every semester along your MSU Denver journey. Check them out!

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar is the official resource that outlines important dates and deadlines for the academic year including Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

Visit the Academic Calendar

The Student Toolkit

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