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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that referrals received after 5pm on Friday, May 10th, 2024 will be reviewed and assigned to Case Managers beginning on Monday, May 20th. This temporary pause will allow our case managers critical time to reset and make space for new referrals.

If you are a student or are supporting a student with an emergent need that cannot wait, please reach out to our office during business hours (M-F, 8am – 5pm) at 303-615-0006 for further assistance.

If you are experiencing a health or safety emergency, please call 911. You may also contact the Auraria Crisis Line for mental health emergencies, 24/7 at 303-615-9911.

The Student Care Center & the Dean of Students Office collaborate to respond to all CARE referrals that are submitted on behalf of the CARE Team.

The CARE Team* is a multi-disciplinary group of professionals that meets throughout the semester to offer insights, resources and collaborate on case plans for high level student needs.

*While the CARE Team is not a department, the facilitation of the team is managed by the Student Care Center & the Dean of Students Office.

CARE referrals provide an opportunity for community members to connect students to support services they may need.

Any individual in the community (including but not limited to staff, faculty, students and family members) can file a CARE referral for a student through our online reporting system. There are several reasons one might file a CARE referral; find some examples listed below**:

  • A student is struggling with housing or food insecurity (or any basic needs concern)
  • A student is struggling to damage control a difficult life or health circumstance
  • A student needs to apply for or manage SNAP food benefits or be connected to other resources
  • A student has expressed thoughts of harm to self or others
  • A student has experienced significant loss such as the death of a family member
  • Concerns related to alcohol or substance abuse
  • A student was a victim of a crime (including but not limited to; harassment, stalking, interpersonal violence or sexual assault)
  • A student is displaying concerning, risky, or potentially harmful behavior towards themselves or the community
  • A student displaying unusual or out-of-character behavior (talking faster or slower than normal, increased anxiety, absent from class, appears withdrawn, isn’t completing assignments, etc.)

**This list is not comprehensive. If you are worried about a student, please submit a CARE referral so a case manager can assist.

What happens next: 

*Due to a high number of referrals, our case managers prioritize urgent cases-the typical outreach time is no later than one week.*

Once a CARE referral is filed the information is triaged and assigned to the appropriate person in the Dean of Students Office/Student Care Center. For most CARE referrals the case is assigned to a Case Manager in the Student Care Center. In situations with high-level behavioral concerns, a Conduct Administrator may be assigned the case. The following are possible next steps:

  • The case managers will reach out to the reporter to confirm the referral has been received and discuss the next steps.
  • The case managers may research the situation to gather additional information to guide recommendations which may include faculty outreach.
  • The case manager will reach out to the student directly to request a meeting, make a referral, or take other action.

After a CARE referral is filed reporters are encouraged to reach out if there are questions or if an update is needed. Each situation is unique to the student and the response, resources, and services offered will be selected to suit each student’s need.

If you would like to learn more about the office and what we offer, please do not hesitate to reach out by contacting Sonia Falcon at [email protected].

Who is on the CARE Team?

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