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There is a lot of language specific to higher education! Some of the language we use may be new or unfamiliar – and that’s OK! Use this definition of terms to learn about some of the common words, terms and phrases you’ll hear from offices across the University or just refresh your memory. It’s not an exhaustive list and information may change from time to time. If you come across a term you aren’t familiar with or need more information about a term listed here, ask an advisor. They are here to help you find your way and will be glad to help you!

A-Z Term Definitions


Glossary of Terms, Acronyms and Abbreviations, oh my!

Want to learn more?

The Glossary of Terms from the Office of Registrar provides other academic language and terms. MSU Denver also frequently uses acronyms and abbreviations to refer to campus resources and offices, groups of people and even building locations.

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