BUILD strives to bolster students’ STEM identity via competence, performance, recognition, and co-curriculum engagement. Attending workshops/seminars, professional development events and skill-building courses can assist in building a student’s STEM Identity.

The purpose of this passport is to encourage you to attend additional activities that help gain skills for STEM careers and/or graduate programs while providing financial support.

There are three options:

Option 1

Attend 4 additional optional events and receive $100.

Option 2

 Complete Entire Career Building Section and fill out STEM Career Planning Guide.  Share your Cover Letter, Resume, Vmock Score (MSU Students only) and STEM Career Planning Guide and receive $200.

Option 3

Complete a Skill Building Course and receive $300 – $600.  Course must be completed by May 2024.


Contact Lori Taylor for a passport or for questions [email protected]

Your Passport needs to be completed by April 26, 2024.


Events Picture

Optional Events (Attend 4)

  • Optional BUILD/RM-AMP Event
  • Campus Event
    • Preapproval Required
    • Proof of attendance Required (picture, signature, material from event)

If you choose Option 1 we will provide a $100 stipend at the end of the semester.  To receive this stipend you need to provide a brief summary of the event.



Career Building (Must Each Step)

If you choose Option 2 we will provide a $200 stipend at the end of the semester.  To receive this stipend you need to  Complete each step. 

Provide your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn to Lori Taylor

How to Create a Skills-Based LinkedIn Profile

What is VMock and how to use it

Your resume gets you the interview.  Use your resume to to reflect your work and achievements.

VMock is an AI powered resume builder.  It will assist you in creating, updating and giving you feedback on your resume.

VMock instructions:

  • Go to:

  • Login to your VMock account using your MSU Denver credentials and upload your

    • Once logged in, click blue button labeled “Upload Resume” and choose document.

    • VMock reads the document and provides feedback and a score.


Chemistry lab worker mixing liquids

Scientist mixing chemical liquids in the chemistry lab. Researcher working whit fluids in flasks in the chemical laboratory


Laboratory Techniques BIO 3020
CRN 30843
Spring 2024 Semester Friday  9:00 a.m. – 12:50 p.m.

This laboratory course provides experience performing laboratory techniques in molecular biology. Topics include a review of basic laboratory skills, preparation of buffers, use of instrumentation and advanced techniques such as cell fractionation, electrophoresis, and PCR.

Courses From Other Disciplines

Courses  from members specific discipline will be accepted.  Cannot be a required course for your major.  Should be a course that students in your discipline should take to build their skills in the discipline.


If you choose Option 2 we will provide a $300 – $600 stipend at the end of the semester.  To receive this stipend you need to be in good standing in the class. Instructor will be required to sign the passport stating the student is  in good standing in class.

A brief summary of your experience in the course is required