MSU Denver

RM AMP Participation Stipend

Accumulate points towards your stipend by participating in RM-AMP Events.  1 point equals $1.00.

Staying Connected

To know all the latest information and resources, we urge you to read the welcome letter, newsletters and emails.  Keep our RM AMP community thriving by knowing other members and mentor new members.

  • Read the Welcome Letter, Newsletter or email – 5 points ($5.00)

  • Introduce yourself to a member of RM AMP – 5 points ($5.00)

  • Mentor a new RM AMP student – 10 points per mentee ($10.00)

Attend Meetings

  • Attend a Monthly Meeting – 15 points ($15.00)

  • Attend a Pre-Approved Event – 15 points ($15.00)

  • Attend a Recognition Celebration – 15 points ($15.00)

How Does it Work?

Simply fill out a qualtrics survey telling us about your participation.

You will receive your stipend at the end of the semester.  The top three participants will receive an additional stipend.