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The Center for Advanced STEM Education offers resources and support for faculty grant initiatives. Here are a few…

Faculty Grant Support Program

Faculty Grant Support Program

Promoting a culture of grant writing activities

The goal of the faculty grant support program is to promote and develop a culture of grant activity. Program efforts are meant to increase grant seeking by faculty, particularly for inter-disciplinary or multi-institutional grants.  This support is intended to facilitate those grant writing activities through the provision of financial and administrative support.

Questions are encouraged on how the faculty grant support program is able to assist grant seekers.

Contact Dr. Hsiu-Ping Liu at [email protected] or Linda Sivertson at [email protected]

STEM Grant Consortium

STEM Grant Consortium

A STEM forum for those involved in all aspects of the grant process

A hands-on community forum for all those involved in seeking, submitting, and facilitating grants in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and inter-disciplinary STEM. Join your fellow STEM PIs, Co-PIs, and peers as part of a grant resource consortium.

This grant support group will offer regular digital communication and gather in person as needed to share information pertinent to the grant process. The group is here for you to share resources, collaborate, and assist each other with various aspects of grant submission and facilitation.

Some areas of support:

  • Data collection and sharing
  • Maintain a collective literature review
  • Updated facilities/resources lists
  • Knowledge of other related grants that can serve as resources
  • Sample IRBs
  • Internal review, proofreading and copy-editing
  • Opportunities for publications & conference presentations
  • Cross-college and cross-discipline collaborations
  • RFP and proposal alignment

Contact Linda Sivertson at [email protected] to be added to the email list

Grant Liaison

Grant Liaison

Individualized support for faculty grant initiatives

The grant liaison provides pre- and post-grant proposal support to further the initiatives of faculty who seek grant funding for their areas of expertise and research. Identified as a need by the Dean, the liaison will specifically assist faculty seeking grants and those looking for inter-disciplinary grant opportunities. As each grant has its own unique parameters, assistance will be adapted to the needs of each grant initiative.

Contact the Center for Advanced STEM Education (CASE) grant liaison Linda Sivertson at [email protected]

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