Purpose of Research

CO-WY AMP Research

The purpose of this Research/Grant program is to provide undergraduate RM-AMP students the opportunity to participate in student-initiated and faculty-supervised spring and summer research.  Research can be off campus, on campus or international.  Your mentor can be a MSU Denver faculty member or a mentor from another facility or university.

Summer Research

Application Due March 1, 2024

Research June 2024 – August 2024

Awarded April 4, 2024 at the Spring Rocky Mountain AMP/Build Community Dinner

Summer-Research-Grant-Application 2024

 Email your applications to Lori Taylor at [email protected]

Spring Research

Application Due October 1, 2024

Research January 2025 – May 2025

Awarded November 2024 at the Fall Rocky Mountain AMP/BUILD Community Dinner

Spring-Research-Grant-Application 2025

 Email your applications to Lori Taylor at [email protected]

Fall Research

Application Due August 5, 2024

Research September 2024 – December 2024

Awarded September 2024

Fall-Research-Grant-Application 2024

 Email your applications to Lori Taylor at [email protected]

Research Opportunities

  • The Colorado Mountain Club Foundation

To unite the energy, interest and knowledge of the students, explorers, and lovers of the mountains of Colorado; to collect and disseminate information regarding the Rocky Mountains in behalf of science, literature, art and recreation; to stimulate public interest in the mountain area; to encourage the preservation of forests, flowers, fauna and natural scenery; and to render readily accessible the alpine attractions of this region. 

The Foundation solicits applications from students enrolled in colleges and universities conducting research in the Rocky Mountains or this region. The Foundation awards grants ranging from approximately $500 to $2,000, in disciplines such as biology, chemistry, environmental studies, forestry, geography, geology, history, and law.

Application Deadline:  April 15, 2024


University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Research Services Professional (Entry)
Apply by January 24, 2024

Job Summary

  • Support analytical testing process using standard lab support knowledge in the collection and review of conditions, including preserving samples, completing sample preparation, documenting and communicating results
  • Perform pre-analytical, analytical and post analytical test process and evaluate results produced
  • Prepare lab for daily operations, including stocking materials, equipment, safety, cleanliness, and related areas
  • Pick up, transport, and maintain results, samples, documents, materials and other items as needed
  • Dispose of laboratory materials and samples using well established guidelines and instructions

Salary $42,088-$53,536