The Auraria Campus...

Is uniquely home to three educational institutions – Metropolitan State University of Denver, University of Colorado Denver, and Community College of Denver. With more than 150 acres combined, the division of responsibility for campus buildings is crucial in order to provide efficient and professional support to students, faculty, and staff.

The Department of Facilities at MSU Denver is responsible for support at the following buildings:

  • Aerospace and Engineering Sciences Building (AES) located at 1449 Seventh Street
  • Student Success Building (SSB) located at 890 Auraria Parkway
  • Hospitality Learning Center (HLC) located at 1190 Auraria Parkway
  • Regency Athletic Complex (RAC) located at 1600 W. Colfax Avenue
  • 800 Kalamath Street
  • Center for Visual Arts (CVA) located at 956 Santa Fe Drive