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The Foundations of Instructional Design online course dives deep into the theories and practices needed to create effective educational content. Whether you’re an educator, e-learning developer, or passionate about personal and professional skill development, this course equips you with tools to design engaging and informative instruction. Throughout the course, students will learn to apply instructional design principles to a variety of educational settings, from schools to corporate training programs and beyond. They will gain insights into learner needs, learning objectives, and effective strategies for engaging and assessing learners.

Upon completion of MSU Denver’s Foundations of Instructional Design course, participants will gain the skills needed to craft instructional materials that are not only informative, but interactive and that cater to different strategies to meet diverse learner needs.

This introductory online course serves as an ideal starting point for those eager to pursue careers in instructional design and can stack into a MSU Denver credential or degree.

Brief introduction to the Foundations of Instructional Design course

Flexible schedule

Course can be completed in 4-8 weeks and is self-paced online.

Career advisement

Receive a personal advising session with an industry leader.

High job demand

Gain a competitive edge.

Career pathways in Instructional Design

Approximate return on investment for each academic pathway

Instructional Design ROI Graphic

Pathway 1: Enter the workforce quickly. Complete the Foundations of Instructional Design course and immediately enter the workforce.

  • The median salary is $30,100 a year.

Pathway 2: Continue your academic career to earn an Instructional Technology Undergraduate Certificate, which will allow you to increase your earning potential. This instructional design certificate prepares you to help curriculum designers implement educational materials within online and in-person learning experiences.

  • The median salary is $42,000 a year.

Pathway 3: Continue your academic career to earn a Minor in Instructional Design and Technology, which will allow you to increase your earning potential. Job roles include instructional media production, corporate training, classroom and online instruction, and more.

  • The median salary is $63,000 a year.

Pathway 4: Enhance your earning power with an Online Instructional Technology Post-baccalaureate Certificate. This gives you the ability to work as a full Instructional Designer in different types of organizations.

  • The median salary is $65,000 a year.

About the Foundations of Instructional Design course

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