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Spring 2021:  FCPs opening Monday, November 2 through November 13th for priority dates!  Watch for upcoming email with more information!

IMPORTANT!! Over the summer, the FCP was redesigned to be more flexible in response to the numerous ways in which instructional modes have shifted since last Spring. Previous course proposals do not align well with the current state of instruction and the new ways in which LAs are being incorporated into course components. Thus faculty and DCs will not be able to simply duplicate a proposal from previous semesters the first time they create an FCP in this format.  Watch for upcoming email for more details for spring 21.

The LA Program will approve course proposals that include explicit course structures that encourage and incentivize students to interact with one another and their LA(s) and to engage and participate in remote/online learning activities.




LAs assistance online:

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More ideas for online implementation of LA can be found on the LA implementation guide:



You can access Canvas now!  Resources and support


A message on the George Floyd tragedy from Michael Benitez


We here for you, as always.  Please reach out if you need anything.

We can do this!  Go Team!

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LA Program



LAs (Learning Assistants) - are undergraduate students who recently completed the course, are intended to work directly with students and the faculty member in a particular section. In essence, when a faculty member applies for an LA they are signing on to shift their course to a more student-centered model. Both LAs and their mentor faculty are invited to an orientation at the start of each semester.

Please see the LA Newsletter for information each semester.

MSU Denver Learning Assistant Program Graphic

1. Team teaching/Practice This is based on the judgment of your faculty member.  Our recommendation is for the LA to work through the problems before the meeting, speak with the faculty mentor about the important aspects of the problem/class session, then mostly observe the interactions for the first class period.  Again, these are just recommendations and your involvement will always be up to the faculty member.   LAs do not grade, keeping judgment and evaluation completely out of their relationship with students.   They can give formative feedback to the instructor but no points. 


2. Content/Weekly Faculty Meetings: Then LAs meet weekly with the instructor to discuss upcoming activities and how the LA will be involved in the classroom. Establish a regular meeting time.  We recommend you get and work the problems for the upcoming week before your meeting so that you come ready to talk about the facilitation and with any questions you have.  Your faculty mentor will give  guidance on what is important about the problem and what role LAs should play in the facilitation of the problem.


3. Pedagogy Class  All new LAs are required to attend all of the class sessions.   LAs take a 2-credit pedagogy course on interactive teaching techniques the first semester that they serve.  This course is designed to help them learn how to effectively interact with students and facilitate learning (i.e. not give answers but elicit student thinking to move them forward). 

4. Office Hours: Aside from being active during class time, LAs typically have ~2 office hours each week as they and their mentor faculty think may be necessary, offering additional help.

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