Program Overview

The MSU Denver Career Peer Mentor Program is a year-long program designed to provide undergraduate students who opt-in, personalized peer-to-peer career guidance to assist them in their career readiness while at MSU Denver. Participants will be assigned to a Career Peer Mentor (CPM) who is a C2Hub Morgridge Peer Mentor specifically trained to support students regardless of where they’re at in their career journey. This is a great opportunity no matter whether a student is looking to explore different career fields, learn about career resources, or searching to land an internship or job opportunity.  

To opt-in and receive a Career Peer Mentor for the 2024-25 AY, please complete this form. You will receive a follow-up email from the Morgridge Peer Mentoring Program once your form has been reviewed and accepted into the program. **This program will kick-off again during the Fall Semester and is only available for undergraduate students**

For any questions or to learn more about this opportunity, students can stop by our office at Tivoli 223 or email [email protected].

Meet With Your Career Peer Mentor

Schedule a meeting with your Career Peer Mentor. Make sure to select your assigned peer mentor's name from the drop-down menu.

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This program’s mentorship is classified into three (3) key stages of career planningExplore, Engage, Elevate. Depending on which stage a student is at, they will receive personalized guidance to ensure their progression. Career Peer Mentors are trained to help connect students to different campus resources and within the C2 Hub. Below are some examples of topics and steps that participants will receive assistance with:


Students in the explore phase will work with their Career Peer Mentor on tasks such as selecting a major, learning about careers, taking career assessments, attending career-related events and more!

Learn more about Explore.


Students in the engage phase will work with their Career Peer Mentor on developing skills and habits required for their industry, writing a resume or cover letter, learning about interviewing strategies and more!

Learn more about Engage.


Students in the elevate phase will work with their Career Peer Mentor on topics such as networking, finalizing job application materials, and conducting the job search process!

Learn more about Elevate.


CPM Program participants will be added to a Pathways in Career Link where they will be able to track their program progression. In order to earn their certificate of completion and program incentives, students must complete the following expectations each semester:  

Program Expectations

  • Meet with assigned CPM at least two (2) times throughout the semester 
    • One (1) time in September/October
    • One (1) time in October/November
  • Attend one (1) Classroom to Career Hub (C2Hub) Event
  • Utilize one (1) of the following C2 Hub Services:
    • Schedule a Career Counseling or Advising Appointment 
    • Visit the C2 Hub Career Lab and speak to a Career Advisor
    • Submit and update resume in VMOCK 

Student Experiences in Career Peer Mentoring


Awesome program and glad that I was able to be a part of this program. I would highly recommend it to other students. This program helped me keep myself accountable for my academics and I am on track to graduate.

– Caree (Career Peer Mentor Participant) 


My Career Peer Mentor was really helpful on trying to connect me with resources offered on campus that were really helpful, She would always receive me with a happy, cheerful, positive behavior which was really contagious and made me feel more comfortable to share with her my weaknesses and strengths with school. I genuinely enjoyed my meetings with her.

– Valeria (Career Peer Mentor Participant)

MSU Denver mascot, Rowdy giving a double thumbs-up in front of JSSB.

My Career Peer Mentor always had an answer to every question or need I had and if she didn’t she would make sure to find an answer and always follow up with me. She also always offered to go with me to any of the resources in case I wasn’t sure exactly where to go or just for support. Most importantly, I always felt a genuine connection with her and she made me feel like I was talking to a friend and I never felt judged or embarrassed to ask for the help I needed, I think that this is so rare to find now in days and just really appreciated the kindness and attention to detail in my times of need. I didn’t know what to expect from my CPM but she truly exceeded my expectations.

– Angelica (Career Peer Mentor Participant)