Elevate Your Job Search

As you prepare to launch your job search, you’ll want to make sure you have everything in order.  You’ll need a great resume and cover letter, strong references, fine-tuned professional image, interview prep and a robust job search strategy that incorporates multiple approaches. Before starting your job search it’s a good idea to know what type of job you are looking for, make a list of the skills you have that relate to the job and have a general idea of what type of environment you want to work in. Elevating your job search means looking for jobs that build on the interests you’ve explored, the experience and skills you’ve gained and the education you’ve earned.

Resume & Cover Letter Resources

Your resume is a summary of relevant skills and qualifications and showcases your education, experiences and accomplishments.  The goal of a good resume is to get you an interview or further along in a post-graduation selection process. A cover letter may accompany your resume to provide more depth and details about your qualifications.  


Where to Look for Jobs:

There are many places to look for a job. Make time to look at lots of places and use a variety of methods to find the types of jobs that match your interests and skills. You can attend job fairs and hiring events, conduct internet searches, network through professional associations and student clubs and look through job posting sites. Here are some job search websites to help you get started: 


Networking is a very effective way to land a job. It involves activities that connect you with professionals who can help open up doors to opportunities. Networking is all about making yourself known, making connections with people and sharing your career interests with others. You can engage in networking programs and events, strategically participate in conferences, professional meetings and student clubs and use social media to make connections. In all cases, it will be important that you prepare in advance, dress professionally and follow up with contacts. Here are several resources to help you prepare for effective networking: 


Interviewing for professional jobs requires practice. Employers will expect you to discuss your skills and experience as they relate to the job so the most important thing to do before an interview is PREPARE!!!! Find out about the employer and the position by reviewing the organization’s website, looking at company organizations charts, reread position description and see if the employer has made the news.  Think about the types of questions that you might get asked and how you will respond. Write down your skills and examples of times you made an impact on a team, a project, or an organization. And be sure to practice!