Introduction to Creating and Edits Captions in Yuja

Yuja is the current MSU Denver video content management system which enables users to view, record, upload, publish, search, and share videos directly from Canvas.

Adding captions to your video makes your content available to a larger audience. For students who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, who speak different languages, who are blind, or have a visual impairment, captions are integral to accessing information shared in the video.

The Basics of Creating and Editing Captions in Yuja

Creating and editing an .SRT caption file in Yuja


The following steps explain how to edit the .SRT caption file of a video that has been uploaded to Yuja making the captioning accurate and the video accessible. .SRT files are the standard caption files and can be uploaded to other platforms.

    1. Login to Yuja
    2. Click My Media
    3. Hover over the desired video and click More…
      • If your videos are in folders, open the desired folder and then follow the steps from above.
    4. Click Accessibility (second from the bottom in the right-hand list)
      • There will be a table with three columns and two rows. Captions are in the second row (under Type it should say SRT Caption File)
    5. Click the Download Button (arrow pointing down in the captions row under Actions).
      • Note: The first time you download captions, it will ask you what program to use.
        • Click More Apps and select Notepad
    6. Notepad file will openThis is where you can edit the captions.
      • Note: Do not edit the time stamps.
      • To make your captions as accurate as possible, be sure to have the video playing so you can check your work as you go.
    7. Save your Notepad file when you are finished.
      • If you have multiple caption files, be sure to rename your files before sharing.
    8. Click Upload in
    9. Select Captions from the drop-down menu.
    10. Select English from the Please select a language drop-down menu
      • You will not be able to upload a file until you select a language
    11. Click Browse and select the appropriate caption file.
      • A warning will appear asking if you want to overwrite the current captions; click

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