Get your tools ready to go...

Are you ready to meet up with your professional academic advisor or faculty advisor? Use the items on this page to make sure you have all of the essentials ready to go.

These tips, tools and checklists will guide you through how to prepare for an advising appointment and how to follow up after.

The Advising Appointment Checklist

Use the advising appointment checklist to ensure you are prepared before, during and after your appointment.








Keep on track by...

Checking in at least once a semester

We suggest checking in with your professional academic advisor or faculty advisor at least once a semester – even if you have a plan in place. They are great resources and may have information about new opportunities for you!

Meeting early and often

Meet with an advisor early and often. During busy registration times advisors calendars may fill up quickly. Don’t wait until close to the start of classes to try and schedule an appointment.

Registering early

Register as early as you can so you don’t miss out on classes. Some classes fill quickly or may be offered on a rotating schedule, available only during certain semesters!

Remembering we're here to help

You’ve got this! If you’re not sure what questions to ask your advisor, let them know. They’ll help you out with suggestions and get you connected with the right people.

What is Take Note?

It is important to take note of who your advisor is, when, where and how you are meeting with them. Keeping track of to-do’s, follow up steps and action items are also a major element to meeting your educational goals.

View the “Take Note” document, then use this link to download the document directly.

Tips for Success to get you to Graduation

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Tip 1

Make sure you know why you are registering for your classes. If you are uncertain, ask for clarification. Use your Degree Progress Report (DPR) to see how all the pieces are fitting together for graduation.

Visit the Student Hub to view your DPR
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Tip 2

When planning a schedule, always choose some backup options in case your original choices fill up or you have time conflicts. Your advisor will ease stress and help you come up with a plan of action.

View the Catalog and find available classes
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Tip 3

Make note of deadlines to add, drop, and withdraw from classes as well as deadlines for any financial aid or scholarships. Check with your advisor or view the Academic Calendar to stay up-to-date.

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