Connection Points and Innovation

We educate our students in specific disciplinary fields with an interdisciplinary viewpoint. Bridging connection points between disciplines sparks the kind of discovery, creation, and innovation that is the hallmark of our college. We build our students’ capacity to experience and understand humanity and the world in ways that are different from other institutions. This enables our students to pursue meaningful careers and a life of substance.

The Dean’s Innovation Fund provides essential resources to support faculty and student projects, equipment, travel, and cross-departmental events. These resources are the seeds from which great ideas, experiences, and solutions grow in support of our Roadrunner commitment to “changemakers.”

Dean’s Innovation Grants

The Dean’s Innovation Grant funding provides financial support and incentives for impactful interdisciplinary efforts in the College. Learn more about the grant process and read featured stories.

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CLAS Event Funding

Inviting and hosting various experts to our campus to interact with our students as lecturers, visual artists, moderators, performers, inventors, and motivators is an essential component of a meaningful education. The Dean’s Office is happy to supply up to $3,000 for cross- and interdisciplinary events that enhance curriculum, make connection points across disciplinary practice, and demonstrate the vital need for broad, liberal arts and sciences education.

Team and Co-Teaching

While team and co-teaching models exist in select areas of higher education, the practice has not been utilized to a great extent outside of teacher-preparation and health-related programs. A major component of our mission emphasizes an education for our students to “understand the intersectional qualities of humanity and thought.” With that in mind, it is imperative that we approach new models of content delivery for today’s students. Through the operationalization of team and co-teaching, we can provide a vibrant, multi-beneficial learning environment.

Team Teaching

Team teaching is a model where faculty are collectively planning the course, collaborating on assignments and projects, and splitting up most, if not all, days of instruction (each instructor takes individual days in the classroom). The amount of credit awarded to a faculty member’s load for team-taught classes is an even split of the course’s credits between the instructors. Team teaching will not allow for more than 3 instructors for any class. Classes that are team-taught must be a minimum of 3 credit hours.


Co-teaching, on the other hand, requires course planning, collaboration on assignments and projects, but faculty are both in the classroom most, if not all, days of instruction. Co-teaching is a highly integrated, interactive, and vibrant learning environment. Both instructors are contributing in equal amounts to the entire course in the planning, instruction, engagement, and assessment. The amount of credit awarded to a faculty member’s load for co-taught classes is the amount of the course’s credits for each instructor. Co-teaching will not allow for more than 2 instructors for any class. Classes that are team-taught must be a minimum of 3 credit hours.

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