About GT Pathways

This information is for faculty.  A subset of our lower-division General Studies courses are in the state of Colorado’s Guaranteed Transfer (GT Pathways) program.  This guarantees students who may transfer to another public Colorado institution that their course will count in the General Education program at that school.  The state subdivides some of our broader General Studies categories, so your course will have a specific GT-Pathways category (e.g. GT-SS3).  That category is listed in the course description in the catalog.  The list of GT Pathways courses at MSU Denver can be found in the catalog.  The state’s full collection of GT Pathways courses can be found on their webpage (or this direct link to classes). While upper level courses are allowed in General Studies, GT Pathways courses should be 1000 or 2000 level courses with the exception of GT-CO3.  Please contact Todd Laugen with questions.  Todd can submit new courses for GT Pathways directly to the state.


Required Syllabus Language for all GT Pathways courses

Faculty teaching the courses on this list MUST include language in their syllabi or if using Canvas, in the “Course Information” module’s “Overview” section under “Course Learning Objectives or Outcomes.”

GT Location for Language Selection

All syllabi or course information modules must include the following:

The Colorado Commission on Higher Education has approved *** **** for inclusion in the Guaranteed Transfer (GT) Pathways program in the GT-*** category. For transferring students, successful completion with a minimum C‒ grade guarantees transfer and application of credit in this GT Pathways category. For more information on the GT Pathways program, go to https://highered.colorado.gov/guaranteed-transfer-gt-pathways-general-education-curriculum-0.


Faculty– Please fill in the *** with appropriate information and note that the link changed in summer 2021.


Choice #1:  A mapping of your course Specific Behavioral Learning Outcomes (SBLO) to the state’s content criteria and competencies.  Please ask your department if this exists on file and double check that any SBLO changes that took place during re-designation have been accounted for.   (See example below)


Choice #2.  A raw list of the state’s content criteria and competencies using their numbering system. (See links to Word documents below.)


Here is an example of choice #1:

GT Example of Mapping

For Choice #2

Here is the required language:

GT-AH1 Arts and Expression

GT-AH2 Literature and Humanities

GT-AH3 Ways of Thinking

GT-CO1 and CO2, please see department, these courses are all mapped (choice 1)

GT-CO3 Advanced Writing

GT-HI1 History

GT-MA1 Mathematics

GT-SC1 Natural and Physical Science with lab

GT-SC2 Natural and Physical Sciences lecture only

GT-SS1 Economic or Political Systems

GT-SS2 Geography

GT-SS3 Human Behavior, Culture, or Social Frameworks

Updated June 29, 2021 

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