General Studies Course Proposal Process

Whether you are creating a new course for General Studies designation or your course is due for its 7-year re-designation, or maybe your course is being updated anyway and triggers a General Studies review, the course proposal process has also been changed.  When you open Curriculog and populate the proper form, the only thing left to fill out should be the following questions:

  1. Describe how the course fulfills the General Studies Mission.
  2. Describe how the course fits the description of the desired General Studies category.
  3. Describe how the course fulfills each student learning outcome (SLO) for the desired General Studies category.
  4. Provide an example(s) of a key assignment(s) and explain how it will be used to assess each General Studies SLO for the desired category.  (Provide example as upload/attachment or pasted text).
  5. Click a checkbox to agree that, “I understand that a significant portion of this course (80%) must fulfill the General Studies mission, category description and category SLO’s of the chosen General Studies category.”

Note: The General Studies Committee will take a holistic view of each course (including review of all components, such as course outline, SBLO’s, etc.) to ensure that fulfillment of General Studies comprises a substantial portion of the course (i.e., 80% of course content, assessment, etc.). You may be contacted for further information regarding this requirement.

Please visit the internal Curriculum Sharepoint for resources and Curriculog how-to videos.


Re-Designation of General Studies Courses

7-year Re-Designation

One of the Faculty Senate bylaws states that all General Studies courses will go up for re-designation every 7 years.  Therefore, all courses who last received designation in 2012 or earlier were up for re-designation in fall 2019, 2013 courses in 2020, etc.  Contact the Director of General Studies to learn when your course is due for redesignation.  The deadline is in September of each year due.  The good news is, if there are non-substantive changes made to the course, the course will go directly from the department to the Faculty Senate General Studies committee.  This should save the college curriculum committees from reviewing extra proposals.

Grandparenting Courses into the Renovated Program

Part of the recommendations approved by faculty senate is to grandparent in all existing General Studies courses into the renovated program, which first appeared in Catalog 2020-2021.  Therefore, all general studies courses, regardless of catalog year, should focus on the new student learning outcomes and category descriptions immediately.

Student Learning Outcomes by category

Contact the Director of General Studies

Todd Laugen sits as an Ex-Officio member of the Faculty Senate General Studies Committee and can help answer questions related to Curriculog and proposals

Phone: 303-615-0780

Email the Director of General Studies Dr. Todd Laugen: [email protected]


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