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This page was built with a faculty and staff audience in mind.  Students, please make an appointment with your advisor via the Student Hub to get help with any General Studies questions or make your way back to the main page!

One of our strategic plan goals is to provide an ideal transfer experience for students.  Through a joint effort between faculty and staff, several long-lived General Studies policies were reviewed and updated.  These updated policies are not retroactive and will be implemented in the 2022-2023 catalog.  The first Degree Progress Reports with these implemented changes will be available in August 2022 for students starting in fall 2022. Please see the table below and the 2022-2023 Catalog General Studies Policy Changes accordions under that for details.

Additionally, several other common questions about General Studies are addressed below.  This should provide some clarity for advisors trying to keep track of all of the changes made in the recent past.

General Studies Policy Changes

2022-2023 Catalog General Studies Policy Changes

Several policy changes regarding prescribed General Studies courses, courses in the same prefix as the major, course count (double dip), and a new 33 credit rule changed for the 2022-2023 catalog.  These changes will be coded into Degree Progress Reports for students on the 2022-2023 catalog and subsequent catalogs.  These changes are not retroactive.  We appreciate the help in carefully advising based on catalog year, using Degree Progress Reports as a guide.  Unfold the accordions below to learn more about the differences between the old vs. new rules.

Frequently Asked General Studies Advising Questions

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