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  • If you are a student with General Studies Course Transfer or Advising questions, please contact an academic advisor.
  • Curriculum is the purview of faculty, the content experts in their fields.  The Faculty Senate General Studies Committee recommends the approval or disapproval of all courses proposed for General Studies designation to the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee and in turn, the senate.
  • The Director of General Studies is also faculty and oversees the program as a whole, including its effectiveness.
  • The Director works closely with the General Studies Advisory Board.  They focus on the implementation of the new General Studies program and General Studies assessment.
  • If you are faculty/staff/admin and have questions about the General Studies program, reach out to Keah Schuenemann.

General Studies Transfer

Recently, courses are being evaluated for General Studies designation when a student submits their transcripts for evaluation.  However, if a student has an old course sitting on their degree progress report that potentially could count for General Studies, an academic advisor may recommend that the student reach out to the appropriate party to propose this.  Students, we recommend talking to your advisor first before pursuing this option.  The following explains who to contact.  In all cases, a course description and syllabus go a long way to helping make this determination and if the student could attach that information when inquiring, along with Transfer Course Approval Form, it would speed up the process.  We anticipate this option as being needed less and less as some new guidelines have been developed to avoid these situations and increase efficiency.

  • Transfer courses that have not been previously evaluated for General Studies designation may be considered for General Studies designation by department chairs of an equivalent department.  If no equivalent department exists, the chair of the Faculty Senate General Studies committee, Dr. Jason Kolts, can make that decision. [email protected]
  • Similarly, for courses that have not been previously considered for Multicultural designation, instead of going to department chairs, in all cases the chair of the Faculty Senate Multicultural Curriculum Review Committee, Dr. Devon Wright, can consider those.  [email protected]

Director of General Studies

Keah Schuenemann, Ph.D.


[email protected]

Keah Schuenemann

General Studies Advisory Board

General Studies Advisory Board

This group of faculty and staff lead General Studies Assessment, they cannot help you with course transfer.


  • Written Communication: Jessica Parker, Professor of English and Director of First Year Writing
  • Oral Communication and Social and Behavioral Sciences: Devika Banerji, Assistant Professor Communication Studies
  • Quantitative Literacy: Chris Harder, Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Arts and Humanities: Liz Goodnick, Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Historical, Global Diversity, and Social and Behavioral Science: Todd Laugen, Professor of History
  • Natural and Physical Science: Keah Schuenemann, Professor of Meteorology and Director of General Studies
  • Bev Andes:  Academic Effectiveness Data Manager