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Faculty Affairs Resources

The Faculty Affairs Resources page contains several continually updated documents published by the Office of Faculty Affairs. Please use this page as a reference to find the most up-to-date documents when needed, instead of printing out the records and keeping paper copies. For questions or concerns please contact the Assistant to the Office of Faculty Affairs.

2022-2023 Procedural Calendar


By Topic

Faculty Accompanying Students (FAS) Grant Program

The FAS Grant program will be housed in the Office of Faculty Affairs moving forward and will no longer have set submission dates. The program will still cap at $1,200 annually.

FAS Grant

Deans, Chairs and Staff Report

A directory of all Dean's Office staff, Department Chairs, and staff. This list includes the 2021-2022 Chairs and will continue to be updated as changes occur.

Deans, Chairs and Staff Report

AF 2022 Pay Dates and Rates

Attached is the current adjunct pay rate schedule including pay dates. For future reference, this table is located on the HR webpage and is updated annually.

AF 2022 Pay Dates & Rates

Faculty Tested Experience Documentation Form

A link to the form for the Faculty Tested Experience.

Tested Experience Document v2

Faculty Employment Handbook

The Faculty Employment Handbook, located under the President’s Operational Policies section of the University’s Policy Library, outlines all polices related to faculty review, outside employment, leaves of absence, transitional retirement, and disciplinary procedures.

Faculty Review Resources

Retention, Tenure, Promotion and Post-Tenure Review

The full faculty review processes are outlined in the Faculty Employment Handbook, Chapter II. The Guidebook for Portfolio Preparation is intended to highlight important aspects of the evaluation process and to provide insight into the process of portfolio preparation. The Department Evaluation Guidelines outline the specific requirements for each department.




The Faculty Employment Handbook, Chapter VII.A, “Sabbatical Leave,” contains the policy on sabbatical leaves including eligibility requirements and procedures for application submission and review. The Sabbatical Guidelines provide a format for preparation of a sabbatical application.

Note: Effective July 1, 2020, faculty may not receive salary supplements while on sabbatical.

Support for Scholarly Activity

Outside Employment and Conflict of Interest

The policy regarding faculty Outside Employment and Conflict of Interest can be found in Chapter V. of the Faculty Employment Handbook.

Department Chair Resource Guide

The Guide provides rapid access to information about topics Department Chairs encounter on a daily basis. Staff in the Office of Faculty Affairs will review and update the links annually.

Department Chair Resource Guide