What We Stand For

Racism and white supremacy exist within every facet of our society, including writing, grading, teaching, and University life. Scholars and activists alike have made it clear that in order to be an anti-racist, an individual must not just be against racism and white supremacy, but must be actively anti-racist, or actively fighting racism and white supremacy.

We use Ibram X. Kendi’s definition of anti-racist, “One who is expressing the idea that racial groups are equal and none needs developing, and is supporting policy that reduces racial inequality.”

For our Writing Center, we strive to create a culture that normalizes inclusivity, challenges policies and practices that lead to and/or maintain inequalities, and acknowledges that policies and practices either uphold oppression or work to dismantle them.

We are firmly anti-racist, stand with the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and will continue to dismantle systems that promote racism, sexism, and ableism.

We provide support to students, faculty, and departments throughout the University in establishing anti-racist practices.

You can learn more about our Equity Priorities as an organization here.

The Myth Around Standard American English (SAE)

The MSU Denver Writing Center rejects the notion that Standard American English exists. We fully support students in using their English (whatever that may be) in communicating their thoughts and ideas.

We embrace and accept all of the aspects of who you are and will support you in becoming a better writer in whatever way that means to you.

How the Writing Center Can Help if You’ve Been Discriminated Against

If you feel as though you’ve been discriminated against because of your language usage in one of your classes or writing assignments, schedule an appointment with one of our consultants to get support. All of our consultants are trained to handle situations of linguistic discrimination. We’re here to help you navigate this situation.

Join Our Anti-Racist Book Club

Join Our Anti-Racist Book Club

The Anti-Racist Book Club meets every fourth Thursday of the month. Stay apprised of all Writing Center events by checking out our calendar on our home page.