The MSU Denver Writing Center offers students resources for developing as writers and thinkers, sharing their work and ideas, and receiving thoughtful feedback on works in progress in a practical, friendly, collaborative environment.

Our Writing Centers around campus are staffed with trained writing consultants and are stocked with helpful resource libraries. We can help students find topics, say what they really mean, plan and organize a writing project, document source material, avoid plagiarism, learn how to proofread their work, and more.

Going to the Writing Center can be a difficult step for some students. Other students might not even know we exist. But, with a little encouragement from their professors, students are far more likely to visit the Writing Center. 85% of students who visit the Writing Center do so at the suggestion of an instructor.


Here are some ways to encourage students to visit the Writing Center:

  • Add the Writing Center to your syllabus.
  • Schedule a class visit by going to
  • Remind students that visiting the Writing Center is a smart thing for all writers to do, rather than a punitive measure for weak writers.


You can contact Elizabeth Kleinfeld, Writing Center Director, at (303) 615-1316 or [email protected] to discuss how the Writing Center can support you and your students.