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English Language Learners: What can the Writing Center do for you?

At MSU Denver Writing Center, we know that the population we serve is quite diverse. Therefore, we always want to maintain a welcoming environment for all of our students, including our English Language Learners. If that’s you, we hope that you will trust us to help you improve your writing and communication skills to meet the high demands of university writing, while showing you the respect that you deserve as an individual with your own history, life experiences, and unique voice.

We offer individualized help with writing for any MSU Denver student. Trained consultants can work with you to define goals for each session by helping them:

  • decide on a topic
  • clarify and organize their ideas
  • research, draft, and revise their work
  • cite and draft sources (correctly)
  • improve clarity through modification of grammar, punctuation, and usage

We welcome all ELL students and are eager to help you grow as writers. Learning a new language, however, is a long, on-going process, and we want you to have realistic expectations of what can be accomplished during a writing consultation. For instance, you should not expect consultants to perform line-by-line editing and correction of papers.

We believe that there are multiple kinds of English, all of which are acceptable, and that nobody should be penalized for “writing with an accent.” However, we also recognize that not all instructors feel this way, and that you may have anxiety about meeting instructor expectations. Therefore we are happy to help you learn the best ways to adhere to those expectations. Your best option is to look into the RIDES Program.

If you are an English Language Learner, there are several things you can do to improve your grasp of the general expectations regarding prepositions, articles, and auxiliary verbs:

  1. Read, read, read!
  2. Take advantage of local resources  (see below)
  3. Make a recurring appointment at the Writing Center to work on your writing every week.


Do you lack confidence in your English language skills? Do you get marked down a lot for your grammar and/or punctuation? Do you struggle with English vocabulary? The RIDES Program is for you!

The RIDES Program

Local Resources for English Language Learners

On Campus Resources

  • Immigrant Support Services. Provides advising and academic support services for immigrant and international students. 303-556-4048 / SSB 230 / Gregor Mieder (Director): 303-605-5390 / [email protected]
  •  College of Denver ESL Programs. Offers basic, intermediate, and advanced ESL classes. Fees apply. 303.556-8455 or contact Bobbie Ware: [email protected]
  • Spring International Language Center. Offers six levels of ESL instruction; TOEFL, GMAT, and GRE prep classes; activities, trips, and American conversation partners. Fees apply. 303-534-1616

Off Campus Resources (Free)

  • Arapahoe Library District. English conversation circles, ESL classes, computer classes in English, Spanish, Russian. 303-542-7279 /
  • Church in the City. Offers all levels of ESL classes and free childcare. 1530 Josephine St. / 303-322-5733.
  • Trinity United Methodist Church. Six levels of ESL classes on Tuesdays. 1820 Broadway / 303-839-1493
  • The Learning Source. ELL classes in Lakewood and Aurora. 303-922-4683 / [email protected]

Off Campus Resources (Fees Apply)

  • Emily Griffith Opportunity School. 1250 Welton St, Room 248 / 720-423-4752
  • Focus Points Family Resource Center. Offers ESL classes at a variety of levels and locations. 2501 East 48th Ave./ 303-292-0770 /
  • Intercambio de Comunidades. Six levels of ESL classes. 303-433-0190 /
  • Asian Pacific Development Center. Aurora. 303-365-2959 x 119 /
  • Mi Casa Resource Center. ESL classes with free childcare for children 4 years old and up. 360 Acoma St / 303-571-1881 /

General ELL Resources

Below are links to the MSU Denver Resources for ELL Students.

Online ELL Resources

Below are some resources that we have compiled to assist ELL students. If you know of any other sources that you think we should provide links to here, please let us know! We always want to make sure that we are offering the best and most up-to-date resources to our students.

Articles on English Language Learning

5-Minute English

OWL at Purdue Resources for ELL Students

Wise Old Sayings ESL Resource Guide

Wyzant ESL Lessons

ESL America

Dave's ESL Cafe

Ryan's ESL Cyber Listings

Khan Academy on Grammar