You may find yourself one day needing to complete a writing assignment collaboratively with other people. Writing in a group presents specific challenges for creating a clear, cohesive assignment because there are multiple writers who take part in the writing.

The Writing Center is here to support you and your team with your group assignment. To get started, or to get your draft looked at, schedule an appointment with us. All members of your team are welcome to attend the consultation together. Be sure to note that you’re coming in as a group so our consultants can be prepared when you arrive.

We recommend treating a group writing like any other writing when it comes to Writing Center visits. Visit the Writing Center early, as early as coming up with ideas for the assignment, or creating an outline. By scheduling consistent Writing Center appointments, you’ll be able to keep your team on track.

Towards the end of the project, a consultant can help ensure your group’s voice is cohesive and your transitions are seamless.

Below is additional information on the group writing process from the book Mastering Academic Writing by Boba Samules and Jordana Garbati.



The Group Writing Process

Group writing has a similar process to writing as an individual. Together, you and your group will come up with a topic, outline, draft, and revise. You’ll also strategize on who writes what sections, set important deadlines, and hold one another accountable for each section of the paper.

The University of Wisconsin – Madison’s Writing Center has created a helpful outline for the Collaborative and Group Writing Process. In this outline, they break out what you’ll work on individually, and what you’ll work on together for each stage of the writing process. They also provide suggestions for efficient and harmonious collaborative writing to ensure you writing success.


The MSU Denver Writing Center is happy to provide you and your group with support to write your group paper. To get started, schedule an appointment with us. Feel free to invite all the members of your group!