We are proud to have a number of locations available on campus. You can find hours of operation and location information below! Please be aware that these hours are subject to availability and may not be entirely accurate.

Most of our satellite locations are closed right now due to staffing concerns. We will gradually be reopening these locations, but at the moment, the following locations will not be available for Writing Center appointments. We appreciate your understanding!

  • CN 201 (Central Building)
  • Stem Lab: SI 1009 (Science Building)
  • Access Center: PL 122A1 (Plaza Building)
  • Knowledge Market (Auraria Library)
  • LGBTQ Student Resource Center TV 213 (Tivoli)
  • PE 101 (PE Building)
  • Hospitality Learning Center
  • West Classroom

If your department would like to house a Writing Center satellite location, please contact us!

King Center 415

This is our flagship Writing Center location, where you can not only find great consultants to help you with your writing needs, but also a small computer bank for working on your essays, a printer, charging stations for your computers and laptops, and scheduled activities and workshops.

We are located in King Center 415, down the hall from the English Department Offices.

King Center Direct Line: 303-605-7040

Main Phone Number: 303-615-1888

Summer 2023 Hours of Operation:

Monday:       9 am to 12 pm

Tuesday:       9 am to 5 pm

Wednesday: 9 am to 5 pm

Thursday:     9 am to 1 pm

Friday:         Location closed

Jordan Student Success Building 201

One of our most popular locations, the Writing Center in the JSSB provides students with great writing consultants to help you with any writing needs. This location also has a small computer bank for working on your essays, a printer, as well as charging stations for your computers and laptops. Most of the Writing Center’s workshops and seminars are held at this location.

We are located in JSSB 201.

JSSB Direct Line: 303-605-5463

Main Phone Number: 303-615-1888

Summer 2023 Hours of Operation:

Monday:       1 pm to 5 pm

Tuesday:       Location closed

Wednesday: Location closed

Thursday:     9 am to 4 pm

Friday:         10 am to 4 pm

Online and Doc Drop Appointments

We offer online writing consultations to all MSU Denver students. Our online tutoring platform allows synchronous sessions where the consultant and client meet in real time to work together on a piece of writing. Students may upload a paper beforehand, but the sessions mirror our in-person appointments in that consultants will look at the paper together with the client at the appointment time.

Online writing consultation offers convenient evening and weekend hours designed to help students who may not be on campus regularly and may need appointment times outside our in-person hours.

The online platform gives you the opportunity to be you in a session!  At your house, in your PJs, petting your dog, or watching your kids play, you can become a better writer in one of the most comfortable ways we offer!

Main Phone Number: 303-615-1888

Summer 2023 Hours of Operation:

Monday:       8 am to 6 pm

Tuesday:       8 am to 5 pm

Wednesday: 8 am to 2 pm; 3 pm to 5 pm

Thursday:     8 am to 4 pm

Friday:         9 am to 4 pm

Doc Drop Consulting

The Writing Center is happy to announce that we now have asynchronous writing consultations in the form of Doc Drop Consulting.

Document Drop Consulting means students can submit their work which will then be returned to them with some feedback from one of our consultants. Students can upload a draft and a consultant will respond in writing within three to four business days.

Please note that consultants will spend up to one hour reading and responding to the work if it’s shorter than 10 pages. If it’s longer than 10 pages, we ask students to please indicate which sections the consultant should focus on.

As with other types of sessions we offer, our consultants will prioritize giving feedback on higher-order concerns (for example, ideas, organization, and thesis statements) rather than sentence-level or grammatical concerns. Consultants might offer feedback regarding patterns of grammatical errors, however, if they impede understanding or hurt the writer’s credibility.

To submit your paper, simply go to the Writing Center Schedule and select Doc Drop from the drop down menu.

Administration Building 210e

One of our largest satellite centers, we are currently located in AD 210e. The building is on the west side of campus, near the light rail station. It’s the building that houses the Auraria Police Department.

AD Main Line: 303-605-5795

Main Phone Number: 303-615-1888

Summer 2023 Hours of Operation:

Closed for the summer. Check back later for Fall 2023 scheduling options!