What is Doc Drop? 

Doc Drop allows students and alumni to submit their writing to a consultant for review. After four business days, the consultant will return the individual’s paper with feedback.


How do I submit to Doc Drop?

You can submit your writing to Doc Drop by going to the appointment page of our website and selecting “Doc Drop” from the available schedules. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to submit your paper.

If you do not see “Doc Drop” from the drop-down, then we’ve booked all of our available consultation spots.


What kind of feedback can I expect? 

Consultants will review up to 10 pages of writing (approximately 2,500 words). If you’re submitting a longer draft, please indicate where you’d like the consultant to provide feedback.

The consultant will provide you with feedback on higher-order concerns, and then lower-order concerns. By this we mean consultants are trained to first examine your thesis, make sure your thought process is clearly communicated and your points are supported, and to look for consistent voice and helpful transitions. If there are no issues with those items, the consultant will then focus on grammatical issues.

Consultants will also point out grammatical errors if they notice a consistent pattern or if it’s affecting the readability of the paper.


How long does it take to get my paper returned?

Papers are returned to students in four business days.


Do I need to have something written to submit to Doc Drop?

Yes, you do need to have some writing done in order to submit to Doc Drop. Without any writing our consultants will be unable to provide you with feedback.

If you don’t have anything written and don’t know where to start, schedule an in-person appointment with the Writing Center at one of our locations! You do not need to have anything written in order to join us for a consultant at the Writing Center.


Should I submit a rubric or assignment sheet with my writing?

Yes! Any additional information on your assignment is extremely helpful to ensure our consultants give you the most helpful feedback possible.


Can I submit writing that isn’t for school to Doc Drop? 

Absolutely. Our Doc Drop consultants are happy to look at resumes, cover letters, work presentations, a manuscript, or any other type of writing project you would like feedback on.


When should I use Doc Drop rather than an in-person consultation? 

Doc Drop is most helpful for students who have a busy schedule and are unable to join us in person or online during our consulting hours. It can also be helpful if you’d like an extra set of eyes on your writing but don’t feel like you need to sit down with someone in person.

An in-person consultation is helpful in a few specific situations:

  • If you want to walk through a concept step by step with a consultant, consider an in-person consultation.
  • If you don’t know where to start with your writing or with an aspect of your writing (like citations or writing a thesis) you’ll want to schedule an in-person consultation.
  • If you are more of an auditory or kinesthetic learner vs. a visual learner you’ll want to schedule an in-person consultation.

Sometimes students and alumni will need Doc Drop appointments and other times they will need an in-person consultation. Our hope is that both of these programs help fulfill all of your needs to feel successful and supported with your writing.