MSU Denver

The Writing Center can help you

  • write your abstract
  • draft content for your poster
  • formulate survey and interview questions, and
  • integrate your UR experience into job application materials, scholarship applications, and graduate school applications.

The Writing Center can also be an appropriate site for conducting research in some cases. If you would like to conduct research about writing and related issues (such as writing anxiety, strategies for teaching writing, or writing collaboratively), please contact the Writing Center Director, Elizabeth Kleinfeld.


The Auraria Library has created course pages with helpful resources on researching in different disciplines. A list of those pages can be found here:

Auraria Resource Guide

Strategies and Help Avoiding Plagiarism

Research Tutorials

How to Cite Legal Documents in APA 


The best citation help for APA is the APA Blog.

The OWL at Purdue is the most comprehensive guide to source citation, as well as other writing assistance, in MLA and Chicago.

MLA formatting was updated in 2021.  Here is a link to What’s New in the 9th edition MLA Citation Format Guidelines. Here is some other help with MLA Source Citation.

Note: When using research materials through Academic Search Premier, you can retrieve citations in various formats by going to the “cite” tool. However, we recommend checking all computer generated citations against the style guide, as the generators are only as accurate as the person who entered the information into the system.