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Colorado is one of the largest states in the country with the most English language learners (ELL), yet PK-12 schools’ attempt at helping ELLs achieve academic success at an acceptable level is still a challenge. The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) has responded to this state crisis and is attempting to address this need by ensuring that all teachers receive appropriate training to address the needs of students who are ELLs. This fall, the CDE adopted new English Learner (EL) Standards that all preservice and in-service teachers are required to meet. You can read more about this on the CDE website. The charge by CDE is for all teacher preparation programs in Colorado to implement the new requirements and all preservice teachers graduating after Spring 2019 must demonstrate that they meet the new EL standards.

We know that there will be many questions, so we have included below some questions and answers we anticipate students may have. If you have questions not addressed below, please contact an advisor in your School of Education program.

We hope that our goal is clear: As teachers, we need to be prepared to serve all PK-12 students, including our English language learners. We realize that change is difficult, but we also feel that our children are worth the sacrifice. Thank you for your commitment to be the best teachers for our children!