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Welcome to the Office of Clinical Experiences and Partnerships (OCEP)!

Our site is designed to provide direct access to relevant information for Students, Mentor Teachers, and University Student Teaching Supervisors. Visit the appropriate section of the site for details on the student teaching/residency experience by clicking a button below.

Information for Student Teachers and Residents.

Information for Mentor Teachers.

Information for University Supervisors.


Student Teaching and Residency Applications

Candidates planning to begin Student Teaching or Residency will apply through our web-based application system one semester before they intend to start (Fall or Spring).  An email will be sent at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester to all School of Education licensure students with information regarding the application process expectations and requirements.

For an overview of the Student Teaching/Residency application process, visit the Student Teaching & Residency Application Process page.

Visit the Calendar of Events to better understand timelines and expectations for Student Teaching/Residency.

Key Functions of the Office of Clinical Experiences & Partnerships

  • Maintain all records and processes pertaining to student teaching, residencies, and internships
  • Provide student teaching information at important stages in the process
  • Advise students of the requirements that must be met to qualify to participate in student teaching, residencies, and internships
  • Notify students of all deadlines pertaining to student teaching, residencies, and internships
  • Organize and review all documents submitted by students pursuing student teaching, residencies, and internships
  • Request, approve, and document all student teaching, residency, and internship placements
  • Provide quality supervision for student teaching, residency, and internship assignments
  • Monitor the supervision of students participating in student teaching, residency, and internship and solve problems as they arise
  • Document program, student teaching, residency, and internship completion
  • Provide Colorado approved program verification form to the student, which the student will scan and include in their Colorado Department of Education application.
  • Provide other state verification forms as needed

Student Teaching Handbook

The Student Teaching Handbook provides information on all aspects of the student teaching experience. It covers expectations for the student, mentor teacher, and university supervisor as well as explanations of the process for placement, evaluation, and verification of completion for licensure. Students, mentor teachers, and supervisors have access to our website and can view the handbook to obtain information about responsibilities and expectations.

Student Teaching Handbook

OCEP Staff

Headshot of Bryan Bohanan.

Dr. Bryan Bohanan

Office of Clinical Experiences and Partnerships Assistant Dean

[email protected] 303-605-7561 Full Profile
Headshot of Andrea Barber.

Andrea Barber

Clinical Experiences Coordinator

[email protected] 303-605-7719 Full Profile

Meghan MacNeil

Clinical Experiences Coordinator

[email protected] 303-605-7720 Full Profile


Contact us via phone or email.

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