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What is Call Me MiSTER?

Photo of a large group of MISTERs posing wearing blazers and bow ties.Call Me MiSTER (CMM) – Mentors Instructing Students Toward Effective Role Models – is a teacher leadership program that addresses the crucial need for greater diversity in Colorado’s classrooms by leading in the recruitment, training, and placement of African American male teachers.

Launched in the year 2000 in the state of South Carolina at three Historical Black Colleges & Universities (Morris College, Claflin University, & Benedict College) and Clemson University, Call Me MiSTER is a prestigious, nationwide program spanning 12 states, boasting over 40 cohorts and nearly 500 certified MiSTERs enriching classrooms, school districts and universities across America.

MSU Denver is poised to become the preeminent hub in Colorado for cultivating a new generation of REVOLUTIONARY male educators of color through its “Mile High MiSTER” Initiative.

Photo of the first three MSU Denver MISTERs and the Call Me MISTER Director, Rashad Anderson, wearing matching MSU Denver t-shirts, posing on a sculpture outside on Auraria Campus with downtown Denver in the background.Who is Call Me MiSTER for?

MiSTERs are mostly selected from underserved, socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds in the Denver metro area and abroad. Call Me MISTER® focuses on providing guidance & opportunities for men of color, particularly Black/African American males who have a desire to major as first degree-seeking undergraduate students in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Music Education, Special Education, Physical Education Teacher Education or a content area major with a concentration in Secondary or K-12 Teacher Licensure.

What does Call Me MiSTER provide?

Photo of a group of MISTERs and young students standing in a school gym with their hands up and pointing to the center.As a MiSTER scholar, you will receive the following supports throughout their teacher licensure degree program at MSU Denver:

  • Financial support for tuition
  • Residence in the designated CMM Living & Learning Community (MiSTERs live together freshman through senior years)
  • Support for books and Praxis licensure exams
  • A tight-knit brotherhood, mentorship and support throughout the undergraduate experience
  • Professional development opportunities at national and regional conference and the CMM Summer Leadership Institute and Internship
  • Ongoing community engagement with local, school-based mentoring programs through our proud partnership with Denver Public Schools

Our Goal

A photo of one of the MSU Denver MISTERs sitting with a group of young students and holding two books.The objective of MSU Denver’s Call Me MISTER® cohort extends beyond preparing male educators of color; we aspire to cultivate REVOLUTIONARY educators driven by a profound passion for mentoring and education! We hold the firm belief that our MiSTERs will usher in innovative and transformative teaching methodologies, offering solutions as influential teacher leaders within Colorado’s classrooms.

A prevailing adage within the MiSTER community is “trust the process”, as your MiSTER journey will encompass challenges, unwavering support and purposeful placements, all of which contribute to your evolution into a true REVOLUTIONARY educator!

Apply to become a MiSTER!

Photo of one of the MSU Denver MISTERs standing outside on Auraria Campus with downtown Denver in the background.The process for admission to the Call Me MiSTER program must be completed in the following order:

  • Apply and be accepted to MSU Denver.
    • You must be seeking your first undergraduate-level degree (those with previously completed undergraduate degrees are not eligible).
  • Declare an undergraduate major in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, Art Education, Music Education, Physical Education Teacher Education or a content area major with a concentration in Secondary or K-12 Teacher Licensure.
  • Submit FAFSA or CASFA
  • Plan to reside in the designated Living & Learning Community (LLC) housing along with other MiSTERs in the cohort for the entire duration of their academic matriculation.
    • LLC housing is currently at The Villas apartments in the River North neighborhood of Denver
  • Complete the MSU Denver Call Me MiSTER application (below)
  • Participate in a virtual interview with our CMM Director


Expectations of a MISTER:Call Me MISTER student Josh Barringer stands smiling across the lunch table from a young student in an elementary school cafeteria.

  • Once accepted to Call Me MiSTER, participants must make continued satisfactory progress in MSU Denver’s School of Education and ultimately, meet all necessary requirements for teacher licensure and graduation.
  • Participate in weekly or bi-weekly meetings as well as conferences, workshops and other activities sponsored by the CMM program
  • Participate in field experiences under a mentor teacher at a local school, service-learning activities, special programs and/or projects throughout the school year
  • Complete various assignments tasked by the CMM Program Director & cohort leadership

Meet our CMM Director

Photo of Rashad Anderson standing next to his mentor receiving a plaque.In 2006, Rashad Anderson embarked on his journey with the Call Me MiSTER program at South Carolina State University (SCSU). Graduating in 2010 with a B.S. in music education, Anderson proudly received the revered MISTER blazer—a customary attire donned by all MISTER graduates on their inaugural day of school. Following a period of teaching in public schools, and subsequent attainment of his Master’s degree and Ph.D., Anderson made his triumphant return to SC State University in 2015. Here, he assumed the role of a Professor of Teacher Education and took the helm as the director of the SCSU cohort of CMM.

Dr. Rashad Anderson exchanging a handshake with a young female student in an elementary school cafeteria.Over his 8-year tenure, the SCSU Call Me MISTER cohort flourished into a flagship program. Their accomplishments included the production of 17 Teachers of the Year, the nurturing of 3 principals, invitations as featured presenters at more than 80 national and state conferences, and international travels. An accomplished MISTER, Anderson’s accolades include being the pioneer MISTER to achieve a doctoral degree in 2015, attaining the prestigious Call Me Trailblazer title in 2019, and presently serving as the National Expansion Coordinator for the Program.

With an abundance of knowledge, experience and innovation, Anderson brings an invaluable asset to MSU Denver’s cohort of Call Me MiSTER!

Professional portrait of Dr. Rashad Anderson.

Dr. Rashad Anderson

Director, Call Me MiSTER Program

[email protected] 303-605-5849 Full Profile

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