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MSU Denver Student ID Number

When will I be assigned a student ID number?  You will be assigned a student ID number when you are admitted to MSU Denver. Typically, this takes about 1 week, from the time you turn in your application. If you did not complete the application correctly, it will take longer.

How do I get my student ID number? Once you are admitted, the Admission's Office will email you your student ID number. If you are admitted and would like to obtain your student ID number sooner, you may go to the Registrar’s office on the main campus. A picture ID will be required before your student ID number will be released. 

You may also get your student ID number from the MSU Denver ALP Coordinator.

If I call or e-mail, can I get my student ID number? No, due to FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Protection Act), MSU Denver employees cannot give out any personal information over the phone or via e-mail.

Why do I need my student ID number? You will need your student ID number to log onto the Student Hub, which is MSU Denver's electronic portal, allowing students to complete financial aid, check tuition balances, request transcripts, log onto Black Board for course assignments, waive the MSU Denver health insurance fee, etc.

MSU Denver Student ID Card:  To purchase a student ID card, log onto Student Hub and print a copy of your course schedule. Take this copy, along with a picture ID and your payment to the Tivoli Student Union.  You do not need to pay all the MSU Denver fees to get an ID card, but you do need to be registered for MSU Denver classes.

MSU Denver RTD Card:  MSU Denver ALP students do not pay all the fees and are therefore not eligible for the RTD card.


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