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At IWSS, we support all students, staff, and faculty, including:

·        Immigrants, including undocumented/DACA-mented immigrants

·        Muslims, Jews, and people of all faiths

·        People of color

·        Folks who identify as LGBTQIA

·        Native Americans/First Peoples

·        People with Disabilities

·        And, of course, Women!

We will stand with you.  Come see us if you need an ally or an advocate (or if you just need a safer space to relax or study).  We will speak out against injustices and take action for social justice.  We will not give up.  We will work together for the day a world without oppression, a world built on life-affirming principles, a world where each of us are always valued for who we are.


Inclusive education for those working towards social equity

Women's Studies aims at creating a collaborative, inclusive environment that can support you in your studies while working towards your degree.


The mission of the Institute for Women's Studies and Services is to serve as a feminist hub for transformative education, programming, and advocacy on issues of gender inclusion and social equity.

IWSS is the only department on campus that offers a services component to students on campus, in addition to academics. The Institute, its services, and its classes are open to all gender identities. Whether you want to earn your Bachelor of Arts in Women's Studies, a minor in Women's Studies, fulfill your multicultural requirement for graduation, or simply register for some of our classes because of your own interests, our classes are always open.

Please check out our menu to the left to learn a little more about what classes and services IWSS offers, as well as special events and discussions we host!

And be sure to drop in any time for more information, or simply to relax and de-stress.

Women's Studies aims at creating a collaborative, inclusive environment that can support you in your studies while working towards your degree.

AAUW at MSU Denver

AAUWThe American Association of University Women has been around since 1881, working to advance women through research, financial support, education, and advocacy.

All MSU Denver students receive a free membership! Come find out what AAUW can do for you, from providing scholarships to help fund your studies, to learning how to advance your career once you graduate.

Click here to learn more!

Looking for Courses?


‌‌Check out our Academics section to see a few of the available courses we offer that are still accepting students. Many of these go towards fulfilling your General Studies or Multicultural requirements!

Are you considering Women's Studies for a major or minor? Check out what you can do with a degree by clicking here. Don't forget, you can always call to talk to an advisor if you need help!

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