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Institute for Women's Studies and Services


‌T‌he mission of the Institute for Women's Studies and Services is to serve as a hub for transformative education, programming and advocacy on issues of gender equity and feminism. 

 Our office is located at 1059 9th Street Park.
Welcome to the Institute for Women’s Studies and Services!  The Institute offers a unique combination of an academic women’s studies program, as well as services and activities typically offered through a women’s center. In addition to information about women’s studies and the types of services we offer, the Institute website contains a database of community scholarships to assist students in seeking financial support for their education, as well as information on local community resources. We also sponsor a number of events and activities focused on feminism and social justice throughout the academic year.
Please contact us at 303-556-8441 for academic advising, support services, or information about our website or our programs.‌ 


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WMS 1550 | Introduction to Transgender Studies

M 5:00-7:50pm | CRN: 55244

Social and Behavioral Science II General Studies Requirement

This course explores transgender and transsexual experience, focusing on Western cultural definitions and concepts. The course covers transgender basics, including definitions and language; the history of the transgender movement; the legal, social, and medical aspects of transition; current political issues within and for the movement; cultural aspects of gender diversity; well-known trans people in Western culture; working with transgender and transsexual populations; and being a good ally and advocate. By the end of the course, students will have the language, knowledge, and skills to work with transgender and transsexual populations in a variety of settings and will understand the diversity of the transgender experience.

WMS 3280 | Queer Theory

TR 2:00-3:15pm | CRN: 52623

This course surveys a broad array of scholarship in queer theory, as well as applications of queer theory in a variety of academic fields to explore practices, identities, and communities as well as the cultural construction of gender and sexuality. 

WMS 3310 | Women and the Law

R 5:00-7:50pm | CRN: 51233

As an examination of women’s legal rights under the U.S. legal system and Colorado law, this course deals with family law, Equal Employment Opportunity Acts, housing, credit and finance, welfare, social security, abortion, prostitution, rape, and the ERA. Cases such as Roe v. Wade will be examined in detail.

WMS 3540 | Women in the Developing World

MW 2:00-3:15pm | CRN: 53747

This course presents a cross-cultural study of women's lives in the developing world by examining two main areas: the influence of culture on women's issues and politics' impact on women. By the end of this course students will not only learn about the lives of women in the developing world but also become familiar with how women across the globe articulate the desire for equality.

WMS 390N | Victim Advocacy

MW 11:00-12:15pm | CRN: 54988

Victim advocacy is both a professional career and an area of study; yet it is often overlooked in traditional academic programs. Individuals who wish to become victim advocates often receive training on the job and not in an academic setting. This class provides a foundation in the field to complement trainings provided by local victim advocacy agencies and police departments. The primary focus of this class is victim advocacy for survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking (interpersonal violence). This course provides students with the intellectual and practical skills to understand the issue and provide effective advocacy for survivors of interpersonal violence in a multicultural context. The course explores interpersonal violence in society today, critical cultural considerations, the experience of survivors, and reflections on providing effective advocacy and activism.

WMS 3930 | Theories of Love & Sex

MW 3:30-4:45pm | CRN: 53249

In this course we examine and analyze Sociological, Psychological, Philosophical, Historical, and Feminist theories of love and sex.  Utilizing a constructionist framework we explore the ways in which meanings and definitions of both love and sex have differed throughout time and space.  Although at first we focus on notions of Western love and sexuality, we critique these very notions through the examination of love and sex as groups and cultures around the world experience them.  An important aspect of this course, therefore, is our discussion of the categorization and stratification of both love and sex and the resultant individual, social, and even legal consequences.

The Institute for Women's Studies and Services is dedicated to both the academic success of our students and pursuing social justice in the community. Our faculty is excellent proof of our commitment! 

Meet Dr. AnnJanette Alejano-Steele, award-winning Professor of Women's Studies and co-founder of the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking! Dr. Alejano-Steele recently spoke at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) conference in New York. Read about her experience here. You can learn more about her work here or watch her TEDx Talk.

Institute Partners
National Women's Studies Association The Institute is an Institutional Member of the National Women's Studies Association.


Southwest Institute for Research on Women The Institute is a Regional Campus Partner of the Southwest Institute for Research on Women.


‌ The Institute is a community partner of the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking.


American Association of University Women The Institute is an Institutional Member of the American Association of University Women.

Our office is located in the historic park area of campus, and is not wheelchair accessible. Please call ahead for an appointment and we will make accommodations for that day. You can also call us when you are on campus, and we will meet you at an alternative location. We apologize for this inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.