Student Success Coaching at MSU Denver is a personalized and holistic approach to supporting students’ social, emotional, and mental well-being during their college experience. Student Success Coaches support students by helping them build skills they will use to successfully navigate university systems, policies, and procedures. Coaches empower students to define, design and direct their college experiences and lives to meet their academic, professional and life goals.

Critical Race Theory grounds our approach to Student Success Coaching and serves to inform us of how social identity influences goal attainment, motivation, resilience, and worldview.

Success Coaching Zones

In the Office of Online Learning, your dedicated Student Success Coach is here to support you. We focus on helping you develop essential skills in our 5 Success Coaching Zones:

Graphic of a person focused on a goal.

Growth Roadmapping

  • Clarify your vision and aspirations
  • Set SMART goals
  • Foster a growth mindset
  • Leverage your strengths, passions, and core values
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Time Management & Organization

  • Conquer procrastination
  • Develop a planning system (that works!)
  • Create a work-life balance
  • Navigate course expectations
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Online Learning Strategies & Study Skills

  • Beat test anxiety
  • Develop your technology skills
  • Discover effective study strategies
  • Improve your research & notetaking
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Network of Resources

  • Connect to campus and personal resources
  • Get informed about events and opportunities
  • Learn budgeting strategies
  • Level up your networking
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Stress Management, Wellness, & Self-Care

  • Elevate your stress coping skills
  • Banish burnout
  • Explore enriching hobbies
  • Enhance mental and emotional resilience

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How do Success Coaches and Academic Advisors Support Students?

Success Coaches and Academic Advisors work in tandem to support students from admission through graduation, focusing on relationship building to ensure that students meet their academic, personal, and professional goals.

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Student Success Coaching

Student success coaching takes a holistic approach, addressing various aspects of a student’s life beyond academics. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Goal setting & strengths exploration
  • Time management & organization
  • Learning strategies & study skills
  • Campus & personal resources
  • Stress management, wellness, & self-care

Academic Advising

Academic advising primarily focuses on providing guidance and support related to a student’s academic journey at MSU Denver. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Course selection & exploration
  • Degree plans & progression
  • Major & Minor exploration and declaration
  • MSU Denver policies & procedures
  • SAP Academic Plans
  • Campus resources

Meet Your Coach

Formal photographic portrait of Student Success Coach Meredith Laurel

Meredith Laurel (she/her) is a dedicated Student Success Coach at MSU Denver, specializing in online student support. With a Communication Studies background and extensive teaching experience, Meredith brings expertise and passion to her role. Meredith creates a supportive and inclusive coaching environment, believing in the power of personalized guidance. She is dedicated to helping students overcome challenges, set goals, and develop skills for academic success and beyond.

During her downtime, Meredith loves exploring Colorado’s breathtaking landscapes with her partner and their Great Pyrenees, Shelby. She values work-life balance and encourages students to pursue their passions outside the classroom!

Contact Meredith

Contact Meredith today to embark on a journey of personal growth, academic achievement, and success at MSU Denver.