Choosing to Go Back to College is a Big Decision

We understand. The Online Returning Roadrunner Scholarship is designed to help you return and finish without a large financial burden. Our online tuition is one of the lowest in Colorado. Our new online undergraduate programs are designed to provide increased flexibility outside of the traditional on-campus experience. We even have options to recognize your experience outside of college as college credit. This scholarship is not offered to graduate students. Learn more about scholarships for graduate students.

The Online Returning Roadrunner Scholarship assists undergraduate students looking to complete a bachelor’s degree or certificate program. This scholarship will provide $1,000 in your first semester with the option to renew every fall and spring semester*. If a fully only degree or certificate appeals to you, learn more about the online scholarship for returning MSU Denver students.

Do the Following Eligibility Requirements Apply to You?

  • I am able to apply for and register in an online degree or certificate program.
  • I can register for at least 6 online credits and maintain part-time or full-time status.
  • I have taken classes at MSU Denver previously and been away for at least 2 semesters.
  • I am in good academic standing and maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
  • I have an active FAFSA or CAFSA on file** and identified MSU Denver as my school using school code 001360.

Summer Course Eligibility

If you start in the summer term, you will receive your first award in fall. If you take spring, summer, and fall courses in any year, you will still receive two awards; one for fall and one for spring.

How does the Online Returning Roadrunner Scholarship Renew?

There is not an application for this scholarship. You will automatically receive the $1,000 your first semester back if you are eligible. The scholarship will renew and you will receive $500 every fall and spring until graduation* when you:

*Awards are subject to available funding.
**The FAFSA/CAFSA is not required for certificate students since they are not financial aid eligible.