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GITA Hold of Yourself Podcast: an intersectional conversation around common topics. Produced by the Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy

GITA Hold Of Yourself is a biweekly podcast of intersectional conversations around common topics. We are a student-led and produced podcast supported by The Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy at the Metropolitan State University of Denver.

2 Fat 2 Furious, a biweekly spinoff series, hosted by our resident Furious Fats as they tackle common topics specifically from within the context of fatness, fat embodiment, and fat positivity.

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The Zine is a radical tool and mode of information-sharing within resistance movements, allowing networking and community building through creativity and anti-capitalist, anti-patriarchal media. These GITA Zines created by our talented Student Staff are chock full of insights, information, and entertainment.

Check out GITA’s Zine, Volume 1. This Self-Care edition, made by Lena Grout, will teach you tips and tricks from the GITA Team on how to check-in with and care for yourself!

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