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The Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy offers both academics (one major and two minors) and direct services to students.

Our Commitment

The Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy stands for the justice and equitable treatment of our Black, Brown Indigenous, & Immigrant students. We recognize that individuals with these identities are facing increased institutionalized hostility and marginalization during these precarious times.

Upcoming Events

Annual Ice Cream & Paleta Party

August 30, 2022

2-4pm Boulder Creek 132


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GITA offers multiple DEI trainings that can be adapted to the needs of your office or group.

Our Vision, Mission and Goals

Our Vision

The Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy’s vision is of a queer feminist future in which people and communities are liberated from capitalism, colonialism, white supremacy and heteropatriarchy.  We envision a world in which liberated communities live with dignity and without fear.  This future involves an intersectional and transnational grassroots movement led by women of color, LGBTQIA+ and working-class people, and other marginalized groups.  “Vulnerability” for us is all about the lack of power, privilege, and resources (i.e., access to safe spaces) based on one’s intersectional identities.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy is to provide space for those most impacted by the intersecting oppressions present in our culture and in everyday lives. As such, we work together through academics (as a department) and programming (as student services) to build community and empowerment for our LGBTQIA+ and non-binary students of color and/or students of lower SES, while educating our communities on privilege to help make these spaces feel safe, equitable, and inclusive.

Our Goals

The Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy’s goals are to create space for oppressed groups to build community, organize for liberation, and engage in self-care.  Further, our goals are to teach critical analysis, communication, and organizing skills so that students feel empowered to work against the systems of oppression in their lives and communities.

Our Values

Contact US

Main Line: 303-615-2052 | [email protected]

Hours of Operation: M-T 9am-4pm, Available Fridays Virtually

Mailing Address:
Campus Box 36
PO Box 173362
Denver, CO 80217

Campus Location:
Boulder Creek, Room 132
950 10th Street Plaza
Denver, CO 80204