If you are interested in a training, please contact GITA at [email protected] with 4–6-week notice. 

Trainings Offered

Additional Trainings

Additional Trainings Offered through Committees Associated with GITA: 

Groups of Past Trainees

  • Staff, The Gathering Place, Denver, Colorado 
  • Staff & Youth Educators, Project PAVE, Denver, Colorado 
  • CAMP Awardees, College Assistance Migrant Program, MSU Denver 
  • Staff, Undocumented Student Services, UC San Diego 
  • Interns & Educators, Phoenix Center of Auraria, Auraria Campus 
  • Teaching Assistants, Undergraduate Studies, MSU Denver. 
  • Learning Assistants, Undergraduate Studies, MSU Denver. 
  • Supplementary Instructors, Undergraduate Studies, MSU Denver. 
  • Staff, Campus Recreation, MSU Denver 
  • Peer Mentors & Staff, C2Hub, MSU Denver  
  • Staff, 1st Gen Initiatives, MSU Denver 
  • Orientation Leaders, Orientation, Transition & Retention, MSU Denver 
  • Staff, Immigrant Services Program, MSU Denver 
  • Members, ΣΛΓ (Auraria Gammas), MSU Denver 

GITA's Trainers

Portrait of Soj and a bird sitting on their shoulder

Soj Sirivanchai

Soj Sirivanchai completed their B.S. in Biology, minoring in Chemistry from The University of Colorado, Denver. They then went on to complete a Master of Science in Microbiology from the University of California, Berkeley. As the first person in their family to attend college, Soj is most passionate about increasing access to higher education for historically underrepresented folks. In their past career as an educator, Soj cultivated key facilitation skills. Since joining MSU Denver in 2017, Soj has trained hundreds of faculty, staff and students in current social justice issues.

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Headshot of Eneri Rodriguez

Netty Rodriguez Arauz

Netty Rodriguez Arauz received their MA in Women’s Studies from San Diego State University and their BA in Chicana/o Studies and English Literature from UC Santa Barbara. They moved to Denver in 2008 and joined the MSU Denver Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy as Affiliate Faculty soon thereafter. Netty also worked as a Violence Prevention Educator and Coordinator for Project PAVE, a non-profit organization in Denver whose mission is to empower youth to end the cycle of relationship violence. Netty has a particular interest in representations in media and popular culture, with an undeniable love for horror movies!

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Headshot of Javonne Archibeque

Javonne Archibeque

Javonne Archibeque (she/they) graduated from MSU Denver in the fall of 2017 with an individualized degree in Social Justice and Identity in Literature and Media, and a minor in Genders and Sexualities. She joined GITA in early 2018, and was promoted to department coordinator in fall 2019. Javonne currently Chairs the Microaggression training committee at MSU Denver.

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