Local & Online Professional Development Program Overview

The Local & Online Professional Development Program is a student fee funded program that provides financial resources for students to participate in various forms of professional development experiences. The funds can be used to cover registration fees for the experience. The professional development experience must align with the student’s area of study, leadership position, and/or career goals.

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Qualifying Professional Development Events:

The following forms of professional development are eligible for program participation

  • Conferences/conventions/professional meetings (online, hybrid, or local)
  • Seminars (online, hybrid, or local)
  • Workshops (online, hybrid, or local)
  • Competitions (non-athletic, co-curricular only)


Students are eligible to receive up to $400 through this program.  Students may only receive funding through this program once per fiscal year (July 1-June 30).


  • Full time employees of MSU Denver are not eligible even if they are a student.  Employees have access to professional development funds through their departments.

Undergrad & Graduate Student Requirements

Students must be enrolled in at least 1 credit of coursework on the Main (Auraria) MSU Denver Campus the semester they plan to travel. Extended campus courses, correspondent courses and other coursework exempt from the Student Affairs Fee do not count toward the 1-credit requirement. No exceptions can be made for this enrollment requirement.

How to Apply

The following actions/items are required for a proposal to be considered for funding:

  • A completed “Local & Online Professional Development Proposal” must be submitted within 21 days prior to the date of the professional development event.
  • Applicants must complete all sections of the proposal and meet eligibility requirements.
  • Proposals are reviewed weekly and decision letters will be emailed to student applicants within 3 business days after review.

If funding is approved, what happens next?

After receiving notice of funding awards, the student will work with the program administrator to register and pay for their professional development event. The program can either use a University Corporate Card (credit card) or the student can pay out of pocket and get reimbursed by the program. Following the professional development event, the student will be required to complete an evaluation about their experience.

Funding Committee

The Funding Committee consists of MSU Denver staff and student(s). The committee has two regular voting members.

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The Committee bases its recommendations on the following:

  • Thoroughness and quality of proposal materials and completion of all application requirements
  • Academic enrichment of the event
  • Personal goals
  • How you will share the knowledge learned
  • How the proposal supports the educational mission of the institution
  • Personal enrichment of the event to the individual(s) attending
  • Compliance with all MSU Denver and State of Colorado Fiscal Rules
  • Availability of funds

Funding decisions may be appealed to the program administrator for reconsideration in special situations.


  • Last minute changes or late fees are the financial responsibility of the individual making the changes, not the responsibility of the program.
  • No funding is available for any individuals other than MSU Denver students. Faculty and staff are excluded from funding from this program.

Classroom to Career Hub (C2 Hub)

Student Travel & Professional Development Funding is a student fee funded program within the Classroom to Career Hub

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