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Closed Until Summer

The MSU Denver Writing Center will be closed during the May break and will reopen on June 8th, at the start of the summer session.

We will be open until July 31st for online and doc drop consulting.

Introducing Doc Drop Consulting

The Writing Center is happy to announce that we now have asynchronous writing consultations in the form of Doc Drop Consulting.

Document Drop Consulting means students can submit their work which will then be returned to them with some feedback from one of our consultants. Students can upload a draft and a consultant will respond in writing within three business days.

Please note that consultants will spend up to one hour reading and responding to the work if it’s shorter than 10 pages. If it’s longer than 10 pages, we ask students to please indicate which sections the consultant should focus on.

As with other types of sessions we offer, our consultants will prioritize giving feedback on higher-order concerns (for example, ideas, organization, and thesis statements) rather than sentence-level or grammatical concerns. Consultants might offer feedback regarding patterns of grammatical errors, however, if they impede understanding or hurt the writer’s credibility.

To submit your paper, simply go to the Writing Center Schedule and select Doc Drop from the drop down menu.

The Writing Center Procedure During Campus Closure

All consultations are online or by phone for the rest of the Spring 2020 semester.

To make an appointment or change an existing appointment, click here or call 303-615-1888.

Please see our video (below) to learn how to access your online appointment.

Stay safe and healthy! 


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