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Land Statement

The MSU Denver Writing Center acknowledges those who came before us and occupied this land, the Cheyenne and Arapaho, as well as the families who were displaced with the creation of our campus.

MSU Denver Tedx and Anarchy

Two of our writing center colleagues present!

We are so proud of Matthew Candelaria and Colton Lee, for presenting at the MSU Denver Tedx. Their passionate plea for anarchy in all levels of society has been a major influence on the MSU Denver Writing Center's pedagogical theories. See what anarchy is all about!
2019 Scholarship Recipients

Meet our 2019 Writing Center Scholarship Recipients.

For more information on the scholarships we offer, please go here.

Milinda Sandoval


I attended Metro in 2001 life got in the way of completing my degree. After having received a 4.0 last semester, the initial fear of having not attended school for so long has subsided and I am delighted to have returned. Being a first generation student, a single mother, and working has its difficulties but more importantly its rewards. I am a Biology major and plan to be a Laboratory Scientist. I look forward to seeing what I will learn from both the students and professors here at Metro.

Jose Morales


I’m a freshman and my 1st language is Spanish. Learning a 2nd language hasn’t been easy but I’m always excited to learn more, which is why programs like RIDES have been really helpful to improve my English writing skills. I like creative writing to express myself, too. My major is International Business. I think is interesting all the elements that form a culture and how they interact with diversity.

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Join the RIDES Program for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners

Roadrunners Interested in Developing English Skills

MSU Denver Writing Center is proud to offer a program to help culturally and linguistically diverse students with practical writing skills not covered by a traditional writing center consultation. Click for Info.

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Need a quiet place to write?

 Come to Breakfast Club!  

Enjoy breakfast snacks & coffee in our King Center (KC 415) location OR in the Jordan Student Success Building (JSSB 201) location!

Monday through Friday,  from 8 a.m. until 10 a.m.  

No appointment needed — just show up, get caffeinated, & write!


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Need Help Proofreading?

Check out "2-in-20," a 20-minute session that is primarily focused on proofreading:

Bring in two pages of your written work; your consultant will proofread the first page to demonstrate effective proofreading strategies, and then you will proofread the second page with assistance, as needed.

Only available in our  Admin location.




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