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Academic Advising: Covid-19 Safety Precautions

Learn about temporary changes to Academic Advising while Covid-19 safety precautions are in place. Your advisors have not changed, but methods for making appointments and meeting have.

Academic Advising for Music Majors and Minors

All declared Music majors and minors are assigned a music faculty advisor during the first semester of music study. This advisor assignment remains the same throughout the course of obtaining a music degree. If you are unsure of who your assigned music advisor is, contact Christine Devine in the Music Office,

Music Department Faculty Advisors

Carla Aguilar:, 303-615-0105

Dawn Clement:, 303-605-5872

Mark Harris:, 303-615-0540

Michael Hengst:, 303-615-0560

David Kish:, 303-615-0692

Alex Komodore:, 303-615-0710

MB Krueger:, 303-615-0720

Cherise Leiter:, 303-615-0751

Elizabeth Macy:, 303-605-5873

Brandon Matthews:, 303-615-0823

Emily Ondracek-Peterson:, 303-615-0952

Jooeun Pak:, 303-615-1608

Gene Roberts:, 303-615-1066

Peter Schimpf:, 303-615-1010

Patricia Surman:, 303-615-1208

Bradley Thompson:, 303-615-1236 

Graduation Advising

Peter Schimpf:, 303-615-1010

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