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Program Progressions

The MHA course progression is designed with working students in mind. Your cohort will follow a sequence of challenging coursework, that prepares you for the profession. First, all students must take MHA 5000 – Fundamentals of Health Care, the first eight weeks of the student’s first semester. Second, the Capstone course must be taken as the last course.  Most courses are only offered in one specific semester. In addition to academic performance, course planning is critical to timely completion of the program. For detailed course descriptions or to download the MHA Academic Plan, please click below.

Year 1 - Full Time

Year 2 - Full Time

Year 3 - Full Time

Part Time Progressions (3 credits per semester)

If you are interested in a part time progression, that is available to you. Please contact the MHA staff to discuss the part time progression in detail.

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