First-Year Course Recommendations

To find first-year course recommendations use the recommendation tool.

The recommendation tool is meant to be used as a guide only. Recommendations may vary depending on transfer credit and your interests. Plan on meeting with your academic advisor to discuss additional course options.

Important items to remember when using the recommendation tool:


Students may register for whichever approved general studies courses from the General Studies list they wish to take. Students starting in 2022-2023, will be able to take courses that can “double dip” between the General Studies and their major or minor requirements. Double dipping is also allowed and encouraged between General Studies and the required Global Diversity (GD) and Multicultural courses (MC).

Note: If a student is currently enrolled in an English course at their current institution, a passing grade of C- or better must be earned before they can be enrolled in the next appropriate English course.


Timing of Completion

Please note, students are required to complete their Written Communication, Oral Communication, and Quantitative Literacy requirements before their 30 college-level credits (including credits completed at MSU Denver and those transferred from other institutions). In addition, students must complete their other General Studies requirements within their first 90 college-level credits.

Catalog Year

Did you know you have an assigned catalog year that locks you into the requirements listed for that specific year? If you do not know what your catalog year is, this information will be listed on your Degree Progress Report which can be found under Web Services on your Student Hub.

If you are viewing program requirements in the MSU Denver Catalog, use the pull down menu to select your appropriate catalog year.

Transfer, Credit for Prior Learning, IB/AP

This schedule can be adjusted to accommodate AP, IB, and/or CLEP credits, as well as courses taken during the summer sessions. Students should tailor this plan based on transfer credit, course availability, and individual preferences related to course load, schedules, and add-on programs such as minors or double-majors.

Recommendation Tool

Use the recommendation tool to look up course recommendations based on your major and find out important information about your first semesters at MSU Denver.

Use this link to be taken to the recommendation tool directly.

Schedule an Appointment with your Professional Academic Advisor

Students are encouraged to speak with their Professional Academic Advisor for specific recommendations. In order to ensure you are on pace with completing your degree, please consult your Professional Academic Advisor on specific course recommendations.

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