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Fun fact: Did you know that a roadrunner can sprint up to 26 miles (42 kilometers) per hour…that’s the fastest running speed for any bird that can also fly.


Our Roadrunners value integrity, collaboration, efficiency, innovation and inclusiveness in all that we do.  We would love for you to take flight with us.  Apply now to become part of our flock.  If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us.


Applicants that have attended and/or received a degree from a foreign university (Not Study Abroad) must have their transcripts evaluated through a NACES professional evaluation service with a course-by-course evaluation that reflects courses, the cumulative GPA, and credits obtained. The provider will then send the official evaluation directly to us via email, portal access, or postal mail.

    • Recommended evaluation services are WESECE, and SpanTran
    • Request a “Course-by-Course evaluation”

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