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Belief Statement

We believe that MSU Denver graduate students will benefit from an education that serves as a catalyst for life-changing opportunities.

Mission Statement for Graduate Programs

MSU Denver is uniquely positioned to offer affordable professionally orientated graduate programs, or those that address the needs of our urban service area, leading to excellent employment prospects and enhancing the quality of life of our graduates as well as the communities in which they live and work.

The role of the MSU Denver Graduate Council, which is part of the university’s governance structure, is to serve in an advisory, recommendatory, and decision-making capacity in the development of graduate education for both new and existing programs, as well as in the promotion of a graduate culture that supports scholarly inquiry, education, mentorship, and advanced practices.

The purpose of the Council is to:

  • Develop and sustain the graduate policy and organizational structure
  • Maintain the academic integrity of, fiduciary oversight of, and compliance by, the graduate programs